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BigPackets is the leading and top-rated VIP hack provider for Gmod and Fallout New Vegas.

At BigPackets, we make high quality software.
In fact, you can find BigPackets in over 150 countries around the world!
Here are just some of our products:

    • GMod Public Hacks
    • Battlefield 1 VIP Hacks
    • Team Fortress 2 (TF2) VIP Hacks
    • Half Life 2 Deathmatch (HL2DM) VIP Hacks
    • Synergy VIP Hacks
    • Left 4 Dead 1 (L4D1) VIP Hacks
    • Day of Defeat Source (DODS) VIP Hacks
    • Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) VIP Hacks
    • Black Mesa VIP Hacks
    • No More Room In Hell (NMRIH) VIP Hacks
    • Portal 1 VIP Hacks
    • GTA: SA VIP Hacks
    • Battlefield 2 VIP Hacks
    • GTA: 5 (Steam Only) VIP Hacks
    • Battlefield 4 VIP Hacks
    • Fallout New Vegas VIP Hacks
    • Counter Strike Source VIP Hacks

  • The coders, KittoniuM and Snipwnage make the best VIP hacks for all the games they play, no game is safe, not even singleplayer.

    Our Framework (Kitter2 Engine) technology, ensures that clients have all the customization they could ever want without removing any usability.
    We are one of the few websites who have a real C++ framework!

    Our BigPackets Framework ensures that a client's settings and customization stays the same for all the games we support.
    In short: One config, Many engines.

    Each of our hacks is optimized for a wide variety of clients:

    - Advanced Clients: Used many before and want to try something new??
    - Casual Clients: Use a hack for both legit and raging purposes?
    - Beginner Clients: Need hacks to just make you a bit better than others?

    We ensure that all who use our any of our products will be happy

    BigPackets has never been detected by any anti-cheat so far, and has over 10,000 members!

    You may not call our game hacks a cheat, mod, modmenu, script or tool.
    This is often viewed disrespectful, as they are all different things.
    You may only call them hacks.

    The Source Engine Chamber of Congress has awarded BigPackets with the following awards:
    - #2 Best C++ Framework of 2017
    - Best Healthbars of 2017
    - Hello Kitty Award
    - Best Overuse of Video Editing 2017
    - #2 Most Customization of 2017

    The KittoniuM Institute of Technology has given BigPackets the following award:
    - Best Free Dedicated Cheat Provider

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