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GMod Public
Battlefield 1 VIP
Synergy VIP
Black Mesa VIP
Portal 1 VIP
Battlefield 2 VIP
GTA: 5 (Steam Only) VIP
Battlefield 4 VIP
Fallout New Vegas VIP
Counter Strike Source VIP



Rockstar's Anti Cheat Undetected
Punkbuster Undetected
FairFight Undetected
Matchmaking Serverside AC Undetected
Cake Anti Cheat - CAC Undetected
Garry's Anti Cheat - GAC Undetected
SimpLAC - Probably Undetected
Valve Anti Cheat - VAC Undetected
Source Mod Anti Cheat - SMAC Undetected
General HeX's Anti Cheat - HAC Undetected
LeyAC - Leystryku's First AntiCheat Undetected
Quack Anti Cheat - QAC Undetected
All other Lua anticheats also undetected

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March 2018
by KittoniuM - March 02, 2018, 04:41:38 pm
To download the GMod Bigpackets *UPDATED*
You need to register an account on this forum to go there

Go to the member only forum to join the new discord :)!!/

March 2018
March 19:
Coded a shoutbox my self :D you will be able to talk to other BP users from the gui (it uses forum login and forum colors)
it will be added in the next update :)

March 11:
Gmod Public Hack Updated
- Fixed the Maximum ESP FOV and Maximum ESP Distance filter

March 10:
New Fully Edited Hack Video

March 10:
New Fallout New Vegas Hack Video!!

March 3:
Garry's Mod Hack Updated (CreateMove tab and No Spread has been added back)

March 2:
New Fallout New Vegas Hack Video!!

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Feburary 2018
by KittoniuM - February 02, 2018, 10:20:39 pm
Feburary 2018
Feburary 26:
Gmod Public Hack Updated (Version 1988)

Feburary 23:
new TF2 hack video

Feburary 20:
ESP Groups tab placements


Feburary 19:
New BigPackets video, showing some nice NPC aimbottin (ignore the headcrab inaccuracy lololol)

Feburary 17:
Check this! New tab called "Aim Target only" which allows you to set specific ESP things for your aimbot target

Feburary 6:
Working on re-designing the menu :) check the new visuals tab!

Feburary 2:
Working on option to friendlist/shitlist aimbot targets!! Will be there in the next GMod Hack update :)

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January 2018
by KittoniuM - January 02, 2018, 03:43:52 pm
New GTA 5 Hack Video!

January 2018
January 2:
Garry's Mod Public Hack Updated (Version 1885)
- A few things have been fixed but most recently "Off After Kill" has been fixed after Mortalitas reported that it was broken

January 1:
Happy new year everyone!! Hope you're all having a great week  ;D

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December 2017
by KittoniuM - December 11, 2017, 07:03:12 pm

December 2017
The month that our discord was shut down, twice!
December 30:
GTA 5 Hack Updated

December 25:
- Added a Games category in the forum with all the games we support
- Working on a new theme, Bp Stars (Made to match the homepage)



December 25:
Counter Strike Source Hack Started

December 24:
Merry Christmas everyone!!


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November 2017
by KittoniuM - November 07, 2017, 01:45:37 am
November 2017
November 26:

November 15:
Garry's Mod Hack Updated (should work now)

November 7:

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October 2017
by KittoniuM - November 07, 2017, 01:44:06 am
October 2017

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September 2017
by KittoniuM - September 23, 2017, 12:26:06 am
September 2017
September 23:
Stream-Proof and Anti-Screengrab Update soon to all the source engine hacks (including the free gmod hack)

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August 2017
by KittoniuM - August 12, 2017, 04:33:48 pm
August 2017
August  30:
Fallout New Vegas Hack Started

August  15:
Battlefield 4 Hack Started

August  19:
Battlefield 1 Hack Updated

August  15:
Grand Theft Auto 5 + Online Hack Started
YES, That's esp stacking!! Those players are at Sandy Shores!!

August  12:
Battlefield 2 Hack Started

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July 2017
by KittoniuM - July 01, 2017, 12:49:13 am
July 2017
* New Gui Theme!

July 27: is closing  :'(

July 21:
BigPacket Event!! 32 people joined the BP DarKRP server at!!! Favorite it guys we're planning to make it a good darkrp server

BigPacket Event!! Record and upload videos of you using BigPackets (BigPackets must be in the name, and video must have good tags for views) and submit it to the Media forum, people who do videos this week will get rewarded later on!

July 15:
GMod Pub Updated, material, sound, fov hacks have been added, enjoy! redownload the DLL or restart loader if you're using it

July 11:
GMod Pub Updated, redownload the DLL/Loader

July 10:
GMod Pub Updated, redownload the DLL/Loader

July 8:
No Spread!!! and Working PERFECT SILENT AIM added to the GMod Public Hack!! GET IT NOW

Third EP of Packet Box

July 7:
Second EP of Packet Box

July 6:
First episode of Packet Box, a noob version of Idiot Box

July 5:
New loader came out in the discord that checks version

July 1:
Portal 1 Started

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June 2017
by KittoniuM - June 03, 2017, 01:38:25 am
June 2017
June 24:
We have detected a gypsy attack by a previous staff member Fog and have concluded that he has leaked the database password and might have the database of the forum, even though members' passwords are hashed, we advise users to change their passwords on the forum.

No More Room In Hell Hack Started

June 22:
Black Mesa Source Hack Started

June 16:
New Framework Features and some bugfixes are now out

June 12:
Counter Strike Global Offensive Hack Started

June 11:
New Radar Features added to Framework! Customize the size of players, pickups, npc and projectiles in the radar!!!

June 10:
Day of Defeat Source Hack Started

June 8:
Left 4 Dead 1 Hack Started

June 3:
Half Life 2 Deathmatch and Synergy Hack Started

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April 2017
by KittoniuM - April 01, 2017, 02:40:07 pm
It has been reported that and, a older cheat provider for Garry's Mod, has been reported as malware, avoid this provider! Only use their hacks in a Virtual Machine

April 2017
April 16:
GMod Hack Updated (version 1333)
-Friendlist Added
-Shitlist Added
-Target Lock Added
-Target Lock Only When Aiming Added
-Off After Kill Added

April 2:

TF2 Hack Development Started

April 1:
GMod Public Updated

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March 2017
by KittoniuM - March 02, 2017, 02:49:58 am
March 2017
March 31:
A Tragedy Has Befallen All Cat
I have suffered a gypsy attack and very disrespectful "CSGO HVH" man did large amount of rude by stealing my /id/cat: The gypsies: and

March 26:
Public Hack released on MPGH
GMod Public Updated

March 11:
Public Loader Updated

March 2:
Garry's Mod Hack and Public Loader Updated
- Added material features, change sky color, no hands, chams, etc
- Trying to fix multicore rendering crashing
Download Here!

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Feburary 2017
by KittoniuM - February 03, 2017, 02:10:04 pm
Feburary 2017
Feburary 23:
Garry's Mod Hack and Public Loader Updated
Download Here!

Feburary 20: is down! It will be up hopefully this week, use this as a backup site.

Feburary 15:
Garry's Mod Hack Updated
Download Here!

Feburary 15:
Battlefield 1 Hack Updated

Feburary 12:
We have new hosting and SSL!
I am currently updating the Garry's Mod hack and fixing the crashes!

- GMod: Added "Auto Propkill", allows you to hit one button to send props flying at max speed with your physgun, key is adjustable
- Source Engine: Added "Show Player Weapon"
- Source Engine: Added "Rage Duck"
- Source Engine: Added "Lightup Entities"
- Source Engine: Added "DLight Entities"
- Source Engine: Added "Auto Strafer"
- Source Engine: Added "Lock Menu View"
- Source Engine: Added "Ghost Mode"
- Source Engine: Added "Flashlight SPam"
- Source Engine: Added "+use Spam"
- Source Engine: Added "Traditional ESP size and position"
- Source Engine: Added "Single player OPK"

Feburary 6:
- Added "Murderer Gamemode ESP", it draws the "MURDERER" when a player is holding a possible murder weapon.
- Added "Weapon ESP", it draws the weapon name that a player is holding.
- Added extra filter tab for Visuals, it allows you to stop drawing things that are not in your specified FOV or distance

Feburary 3:
Garry's Mod public ESP and Aimbot has been posted on MPGH
We will have a public version on here but better (Updated, Undetected, etc) when I finish the loader.

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January 2017
by KittoniuM - January 21, 2017, 05:11:34 pm
January 2017
January 26:
Garry's Mod VIP ESP and Aimbot Finished

Battlefield 1 ESP and Aimbot Finished

New GUI Theme

There is a preset you can use to change back to the Drunken Cheetah style gui!

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November 2016
by KittoniuM - November 21, 2016, 06:11:30 am
November 2016
We now have a temporary host until I get my servers back

Garry's Mod Server:
We are opening a garry's mod DarkRP server very soon on the official bigpackets roleplay map

Try the bigpackets rp0 map (beta version that isnt on workshop)

*Try out the servers
RP Server:
Phoenix's Build Server:

Our first ban
We already banned 1 from the forum.
Reason: Trolling and admin disrespect
I do not recommand adding him as he is unintelligent and claims to be "very rich and smarter than most people" which is clearly NOT true if he uses "Advanced System Care" and Window 10.

I will be away from 28th to 31th or until notice
If you need to contact an admin find someone who is active

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