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Author Topic: BF2 Download - Full Game + Latest Patches + Online  (Read 686 times)

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BF2 Download - Full Game + Latest Patches + Online
« on: April 28, 2022, 12:52:00 AM »
This topic is originally made by Tin Man at Lost-Soldiers.org

1. Download the installer

Click the download button to get the Battlefield 2 Complete Collection edition of the game (BF2 already updated to patch 1.5, Special Forces expansion pack, Euro Force and Armored Fury booster packs; plus the latest PunkBuster definitions and the correct DirectX files needed for the game to run, as well as other clever tweaks that you can delve into by opening the Readme.txt file). The compressed archive weights 3,52 GigaBytes.

(download mirror here)

Zip Archive MD5 Signature:f6dd9da07a3679a9eb989701f54c802a(latest installer's release)
Zip Archive SHA1 Checksum:44c15f36f635e7d83ab351ae8c4d66b5246031e1(latest installer's release)

2. Install the game

After you have downloaded the compressed archive, unzip it and then start the installation by opening Setup.exe (the one with this icon: 2). The installation itself is very easy, just follow the on-screen instructions (and refer to the Readme.txt file bundled within the installer if you are in need of additional information).

The installer is compatible with UAC, as well as with these Operating Systems (32 and 64 bit alike):
  • Windows XP,[/*]
  • Windows Vista,[/*]
  • Windows 7,[/*]
  • Windows 8 and Windows 8.1,[/*]
  • Windows 10.[/*]
  • Windows 11.[/*]
3. Create your BF2Hub Battlefield 2 account

After you have finished installing the game you will need to download and install the BF2Hub Client,
in order to patch the game to be able to play online once again (on the so called "BF2Hub Network").

To perform this task you can refer to this image guide imgur.com/a/Bf5V0Dt.
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