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Author Topic: Add spectator list and visual telekill to free version of Garrys mod hack  (Read 1340 times)

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Adding spectator list to the free version because it would be good for us to know who is watching us and we don't get caught. For the visual telekill this would be good to add on the free version because when you lock on to someone who is far away you can see what they look like or who they are because when you turn on the hack you cant see anything cause all the things around the person you are locked on to and you really cant see them from the far if you dont have a scope and that's why you should add visual telekill to the free version or add add thing on your hack the shows a medium or small picture of them the right top or bottom screen to know who we locking on to from far distance.
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Make videos you scrub ;)
or give kittonium money.

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