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Author Topic: no such thing as good hack that are free  (Read 243 times)

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no such thing as good hack that are free
« on: July 30, 2018, 04:02:57 pm »
So, I have seen many people ask for a good undetected free CS:GO hack. Well, to be honest. Don't think there is such thing, I have seen many CS:GO hacks, aimware, icheat, redeyecheats, insanitycheats, etc. Those are all paid cheats I believe. Now, I wouldn't say they are all good. But when people ask for a free good undetected hack, that makes some of the terrible paid cheats look good. So if anyone is thinking about asking for a free good undetected hack. Just don't... It's better off staying off VACation. If someone ever says. "Hey, I got a really good free undetected cheat." Don't use it, you going on VACation. But now a day's Valve is doing shit about cheaters. It might as well stand for 'Valve Allows Cheating' But you can still get a VAC ban. They still update VAC, but it's still pretty shit. It takes them forever and there like "Hey, guys this cheat is bypassing VAC" The people that are near the person say "We will take care of it in a month or two

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