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Author Topic: [Video] DEVOUR CHEATS - "The Town" MAP HACKED - ESP UPDATED  (Read 457 times)

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List of Features
    ESP Features
    Show Player
    Show Demon/Anna/Azazel/Spider/Sam/Ghosts
    Show Gasoline/Fuse/Bleach
    Show Goat/Rat/Egg
    Show Battery
    Show Hay/Rotten Food
    Show Key
    Show Notes
    Show Roses
    Show The Town Entities - Lockbox, HorseShoe, Matches, Azazel Sam, Ghosts and the closet hiding spots
    Show Medkit/First Aid
    Draw Debug ESP & Names (all GameObjects in map)
    2D and 3D Box ESP
    Nametag ESP
    Snap Line ESP

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