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Author Topic: Advice for Newcomers (especially those who refuse to use their eyes and brains)  (Read 927 times)

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My first and most important piece of advice to you: DO. NOT. SPAM. Don't make a load of crappy, low quality posts either. This WILL get you banned and/or bluescreened, even formatted; and you WILL NOT get to use the hack. Watch the video and read the giant yellow/red text on this page.


Second; Your posts don't count if they're too short. Put some effort into your writing.

Third; Read the giant yellow/red text on the previously linked page.

Fourth; Be respectful to the one providing you with the best hack available for GMod, and plenty of other games.

My final piece of advice: D O.   N O T.   S P A M. Learn to read if you're still missing this point.

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Thanks for taking care and caring for the commmunity but something like this is already created "https://bigpackets.com/forum/members-discussion/gmod-bigpackets-download/" but still helps :) for people who refuse to listen to KittoniuM
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