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Author Topic: Bub Ross's Staff Application  (Read 371 times)

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Bub Ross's Staff Application
« on: August 06, 2017, 09:38:05 pm »
Name: Eric
I am wanting to be a staff member
Rank Wanted: Admin
What I Can Do: I can be on 4-7. I have school so it might shorten my time but I can still get a lot of time in non of the less. I am a Moderator on a starwarsrp server so I am experience. I work hard on the servers I am staff on. I can help to get rid of the minge in the server as well. I have seen a lot in this server like many others but I think with my help we can get rid of it. I play DarkRP a lot so I know the rules very well. Although I have never been a staff member on a DarkRP server before, doesn't mean I am not capable. If you accept this, you will see that this is true. I have over 600+ hours in Garry's mod also so that proves that I can be active. Hopefully you will accept this because I have waited 5 hours to make this.
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