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Author Topic: Discord Ban Appeal  (Read 1010 times)

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Discord Ban Appeal
« on: August 11, 2017, 03:30:30 AM »
Username: TipTophat

Reason: "Troll/Tard"


Why should you be unbanned?: I honestly didn't do anything wrong in my mind. He asked to find a song on a video and I used a website and I just showed him that. He said I am a fucking retard and a dumbass. I just looked on youtube hot to get a song from a website and took the video and did what the guy did in the video and told him those were the songs. I honestly didn't want the reward but I did ask him what it was in the first place. Then I just told him what the website said was in the video and I get banned with out doing anything wrong. I just wanted to help find the song I didn't know if they were wrong or that 5 other people were banned for the same reason. I wasn't warned or anything he just thought I was trolling and then called me a retard and a dumbass for trying to help I didn't do anything wrong I just tried to help KittoniuM find the song for putting out a good client for free and he disrespects me for no reason and calls me hate full words even though I didn't do anything to him or call him names I think I should be un banned because I didn't disrespect him or call him names but he is able to call me names for no reason i think it is stupid that he can do what ever he wants to people that just try to help him. I say this a long but i just tried to help and i get banned like what logic is in that i didn't know people were already banned for it i just wanted to be a good person and try and help and i get called names because of what trying to help thats bull i didnt do anything just used a website to try and find the song. i think i should be un banned for this reason.

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