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Title: best bigpackets futures!!! (in my opinion)
Post by: RazerSHarkknife on July 29, 2018, 02:20:11 am
Hi All,
Today I will talk about some of my fav futures in bigpackets.

1.) Aimbot == the aimbot has many futures like silent and snap which makes it very customizable to the point where an admin cant tell from skill and hacks :)
2.) Visuals == The visuals tab is by far my fav because who doesn't like some wall hacks or skeleton hacks??? also very useful in darkrp to tell if there is a person inside of a base
3.)Misc== had to include this for being hilarious... Ive never played a game inside of a game for example the snake mini game you can play in bigpackets main menu while playing darkrp. Helpful when youre waiting for your friends or waiting through purge.