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Author Topic: Bugs and suggestions  (Read 831 times)

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Bugs and suggestions
« on: May 13, 2023, 02:09:53 PM »
I have found a few bugs and would also like to suggest some changes/new things. There is more I could suggest, but I feel like this is enough.

1. The triggerbot only shoots on head regardless of bone selection.

2. Sometimes the aimbot does a 360 turn with low fov when trying to slightly move off the targeted player.

3. Sometimes when using 1 aimstep it aims at a hitbox for a few seconds then goes to the next hitbox and it does that 3 times until it's on the foot hitbox.

4. No-Snap doesn't seem to work, what ever type I use (step, curv, linear) with no snap enabled it still insta snaps onto the hitbox when it's near the hitbox. (with 1 aim-step)

5. The aimbot targeting is sometimes slow, when for example the head hitbox is on the edge of the fov circle it takes a few seconds for it to target the player.

6. There is no weapon check? It aims and "shoots" even with the physics gun and gravity gun. (maybe add a toggle to enable weapon check to not use aimbot etc on the normal gm tools)

7. Aim Target points draw on every player and not just the aim target.

8.1. The bullet tracer sometimes goes somewhere completely different then where it actually shot, for example, it goes somewhere to the right behind the local player into the ground. (with silent, psilent and magic bullet disabled)

8.2. Also only shows when the aimbot or triggerbot shot, and it shows when using things like physics gun and crowbar.

9. No-Clip check for auto-strafe broken? Never existed? idk

10. "Fix" for bhopping up steep slopes (when at a certain velocity the bhop stops on slopes)

11. Text and Skeleton esp share the outline option? Idk if it's intended or a bug.

12. Spawned weapons use "special" esp settings and not "pickup" settings.

Gui things:
1. There is a random line above the "View" box in the misc tab?

2. The line indicating active tabs is 1 pixel too short on the right.

3. All but the config tab, when active are missing the outline on the right side.

4. On the right of the config tab there's a line, always.

5. When the config tab is active there is an extra line on the right side.

6. On sliders, when manually entering a higher or lower number then what is possible by dragging, the slider can get out of the menu. (visual fix is preferred over hard setting the value)

7. There are 2 auto-pistol toggles.

1. Increase the max hp option to 150 or 200 for the aimbot hp limit.

2. Add option to ignore bots (bots, not npcs), noclip, godmode and cloaked players

3. Please make the local player health window stay at the same place and not reset everytime I die.

4. Add the positioning of things like the radar and player warning to the configs so it saves the position.

5. Add extra "Shit-List Color" option to change the color for people on my shitlist.

6. Add rank esp, just the admin indicator thing is useless on some servers

7. Please make it possible to set the position of text independently. Having name, distance, weapon, job, admin tag, friend tag, shitlist tag, all directley under each other is pure eye cancer.

8. Add the option to only enable the name for players on the radar, I want to see the dots for things in special esp but not the name.

9. Add round radar background.

10. Add an extra option just for keypads, please, In want to see cameras but not the 42947 keypads floating everywhere

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Re: Bugs and suggestions
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2023, 06:13:16 PM »
Thank you for the report. I'll try to get most of these fixed soon.

Red = works as intended or denied
Lime green = fixed, await new update
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Re: Bugs and suggestions
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2023, 03:32:43 AM »
7 really is intended? I though it is a bug because it is in the aim-target section of the esp. About 3, I think I had my aim-step set to less then 1 aim-step and forgot to change it back. Also here are screenshots of what I'm talking about with the gui imgur.com. For 2, 8.1, 10: a youtube playlist

Btw could you make the text for inactive tabs centered when "XP Tabs" is disabled, pretty please.
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