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Author Topic: Forum moderator application.  (Read 1220 times)


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Forum moderator application.
« on: April 12, 2017, 08:54:55 AM »
Hey I'm BP also known as BadPC. As the forum has started growing, so has the amount of shitpost I see daily. I would like to apply for moderator so I can keep the community clean of dickheads. Here is my application! ps. I know I havnt been posting here but im about to start posting. If I get mod ill post even more!
*Age: 17

*Previous experience: I have staffed around 10-15 discords with about 7 of them being cheat related.

*Why have you applied?: I would like to help the community grow and keep shitpost and issues to a minimum. I would also like to help people with troubleshooting the cheat and fix whatever issue that they may have.

*What is the role of a mod?: The role of a moderator is to keep the forum thriving but at the same time keep the shitpost and spam to a minimum. Moderators other roles can include, supporting members with the cheat, fixing issues anybody has with the cheat or their game, helping users out when they need it and completing reported content marked in the modCP

*What is the moderator cp?: The moderatorcp or MCP for short is the mods command center. Here you can manage bans and warns.

*What is the purpose of the moderator cp?: The purpose of the modcp is to simply put all of the mods tools into one 'toolkit' or gui. The usage of the modcp can include completing reports, warning users and enforcing bans.

*What level of knowledge do you have with Garry's mod.
I have played Garry's mod since Gmod 9 and have always played to have fun and
explore the in's and out's and understand how the game is meant to be played.
I currently have a total of 765 hours on gmod spread across about 7 accounts.

How often can you be online and what is your timezone?: I can be on whenever im on my computer which is alot. I live in australia so my timezone is AEST. I am usually on my computer for about 40-50 hours a week.

Do you work well with others?: I work quite well with other members of the forum and I also work well with other staff members in forums I used to moderate

Final thoughts ; I think I would be a valuable member of the bigpackets moderation team! If you have any questions in regards to my application please comment below! Have a nice day!


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Re: Forum moderator application.
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Re: Forum moderator application.
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moved topic to general as I posted in the wrong section

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