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Title: Garry's Mod Free | stuff that should be added
Post by: septshadow2 on July 18, 2019, 10:05:22 pm
Hello I've been using bigpackets for almost 2 years and one of the best gmod hacks i ever used. Now let me get to the point, one of the problems i have is not knowing who's spectating me. I want to be careful using it. (i'm not afraid of vacs or anything is just that i want to aim bot on my favorite servers) i don't want to aim bot when someone is watching. Now i use to use spectate a bunch before it was locked for the coins. Nothing wrong with that. i just want spectator on the free version. I only been using the Garry's Mod Free i have never used Garry's Mod Free Lite or VIP. so i don't know if its in Lite. Just for giggles add b hop lol. Now take this very lightly this shouldn't be mandatory its just my recommendation.