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Author Topic: ★ Important ★ GMod VIP Hack Features and Cheat Info  (Read 7123 times)

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GMod VIP Hack Features and Cheat Info
« on: December 10, 2021, 01:33:26 AM »

All hacks are accessed through the client.

Step 1. Subscribe to BP Channel

Step 2. Download the Client

Step 3. Login with Forum Credentials

Step 4. Activate "GMOD VIP Aimbot"

Step 5. Open the game and enjoy. Default keys are INSERT and DELETE.

Game Support
Steam Garry's Mod - No Betas (No Chromium/x64 branch)
* support for betas might be added later
The hack works on every server and every gamemode.
No bypass is required.

Anti-Cheat Support
Screengrab - Undetected
Cake Anti Cheat - CAC Undetected
Garry's Anti Cheat - GAC Undetected
SimpLAC - SimpLAC Undetected
LeyAC - LeyAC Undetected (Lite/ESP ONLY)
LSAC - LSAC Undetected (Lite/ESP ONLY)
Perpheads Server - ESP ONLY
Valve Anti Cheat - VAC Undetected
Source Mod Anti Cheat - SMAC Undetected
General HeX's Anti Cheat - HAC Undetected
Quack Anti Cheat - QAC Undetected
All other Lua anticheats also undetected (if not, post in the support forum... with the IP of the server)

Stream Safe/Recording Safe
This hack comes with our advanced anti-screengrab, which also works for OBS, NVIDIA ShadowPlay and Fraps, so you can stream safely on twitch/whatever without people seeing any visuals at all!
* If you want to stream/record showing hacks, use OBS Window Capture, instead of game capture.
List of Features
  • Aimbot
    • Options
      • Aim Step (slow aiming)
      • Auto Fire (Fires when aimbot is locked on something)
      • Triggerbot
      • Accuracy (Correct for weapon recoil etc)
      • Always (Always no recoil or nospread if available)
      • Target Lock (Only aim at one person so aimbot doesnt snap to a different)
      • Off After Kill (Turns off aimbot after kill - Wait for Key MUST BE ENABLED)
      • Restore Angles (Restore view angles after aiming)
      • Lead Prediction (Predicts using speed)
      • Projectile (predicts for bullet drop, speed. Crossbow aimbot)
      • Engine Prediction (More accurate aimbot, WILL break BHOP and Jumping, sometimes freeze in place)
      • Silent Aim (you wont see aimbot)
      • pSilent (People wont see you snapping but it wont be as perfect hitting from far away)
      • Magic Bullet (Bullets will hit wherever you're aiming when silent)
      • Auto Stop (Stops walking if you're aiming)
      • Auto Duck (Ducks when aimbotting)
      • No Aim When Spec (Forces aimb0at to turn off whenever someone spectates you)
      • Customization
      • Bone or Hitbox Aimbot
      • Rage Key
      • Error Sound on Kill (Makes a sound when bot kills)
    • Aim At
      • Aimbot aims at Players, NPCs, Projectiles, Pickups, Specials
      • Visible Only (Only aim at things that are visible)
      • Ignore Steam Friends (Ignore steam friends from targetting)
      • Ignore Spawn Protected (ignore spawn protected)
      • Ignore Unarmed Players (Should ignore unarmed players from aimbot?)
      • Ignore Admins (Aim wont target Lua IsAdmin() players)
    • Bone Selection - Head, Chest, Bone Closest to Xhair, Center (What to aim at)
    • Extra Filters
      • Max Fov (Don't aimbot if fov to bone is higher)
      • Max Dist (Don't aimbot if distance to bone is higher)
      • Max HP (Ignore entities with percent higher than this)
      • Min HP (Ignore entities with health lower than this PERCENTAGE)
    • Targetting Mode
      • Distance, Xhair, Health, Rage Frames (Mode of entity picking)
      • Highest (Instead of choosing lowest value (distance, etc) it will choose highest, will BREAK Smart Filter)
  • Visuals
    • ESP Hacks
      • Skeleton (Draws skeletons)
      • Distance (Draws distance)
      • Name Tags (Draws name tags)
      • Health (Draws health bars)
      • Health Text (Draws health text)
      • Line (Draws a line)
      • Box (Draws boxes)
      • Enemy (Allow visuals to be drawn)
      • Friendly (Allow visuals to be drawn)
      • Radar (Draws enemy players)
      • Job Color Square
      • Job Text ESP (Draws the name of the players job)
      • Admin ESP (shows admins)
      • Unarmed ESP (Draw 'Unarmed' if a player is unarmed)
      • Weapon ESP (Draw players active weapons)
      • Weapons (Draw all weapons player has)
      • Filter (Ignore common weapons like physgun etc)
    • Players + Teammates
    • NPC + Friendly NPC
    • Projectiles / Bombs / Grenades ESP
    • Pickups / Ammo / Weapons
    • Special
      • TTT C4 and Dead Body ESP
      • GmodZ Food/Weapons
      • Keypad/Camera/Dynamite  ESP
      • DarkRP Loot / Money Printers / Shipments / Drugs
    • Aim Target Only ESP Features & Lights
    • No Fog (Disables fog on map)
    • Draw Model ESP (draws model name and model crc)
    • Draw Recoil (Draws a red dot in center showing the spread and recoil)
    • Spectator List(Draws list of spectators - Green color is FIRST PERSON SPECTATOR - doiesnt work with DarkRP Spectate)
    • Sounds (Play a sound when somebody starts spectating you)
    • 30+ ESP Customization and Stacked ESP
    • Traitor/Murderer Detector (This checks people for known traitor weapons and murder knife)
    • Move Suspected to Shitlist (If traitor detector esp is on, move the traitors to aimbot shitlist)
    • Crosshair
    • Mini Map
    • Show ALL Entities (Show all entities, if you want one added to the hack, tell the name to kittonium!)
    • Ignore Dormant (This this OFF to see EVERYTHING on map instead of just near, but the game engine bugs out)
  • Misc
    • Features
      • Thirdperson (resident evil thirdperson style or regular)
      • Bunny Hop (hold space and it jumps for you)
      • Flashlight (Turn on to spam flashlight)
      • Freeze (Turn on and press freeze key to stay in 1 place)
      • +Use Spam (hold E to spam +use)
      • Auto Pistol (hold left mouse to spam +attack)
      • Anti Aim - Styles, Spergout, Spinner (Antiaim, People will see you spin)
      • Auto Strafer
        • Bunnyhop (automatic bunnyhop/bhop hack)
        • Strafe Bot (You don't need to AD or even strafe your mouse, the hack will do it for you)
      • Speed Hack
    • Force sv_cheats (force sv_cheats to 1)
    • Force sv_allowcslua (force sv_allowcslua)
    • Torch Light (WARNING: Screengrab will be ABLE to see this
      Draws a light to help you in the dark)
    • View Features
      • FOV Hack
      • No Sniper Zoom
      • Visual TeleKill (Teleports your body (clientside) to infront of what you're aiming)
      • No Visual Recoil (Only use Real Angles, stuff like visual recoil wont show up)
      • Ghost Mode
    • Sound Features
      • No Weapon Sounds (Remove the sounds of your weapon)
      • No Player Sounds (Remove player sounds)
      • No Camera Sounds (Disables the sound of Camera tool, use with 'alias jpeg' in console + autopistol for trolling)
    • Chat Spam - Normal say, Team say, RP OOC, RP Advert (Mode of chat yspam)
    • ULX PM Spam (Spam ULX messages)
    • DarkRP PM Spam (Spam FAdmin, darkrp crap)
  • Players
    • Friendlist - Ignores from aimbot, show on ESP
    • Shistlist - Aimbot always target, show on ESP
    • Steam Friend Detection
  • Config - Save and Load Settings

★ = Rare Feature

WARNING: This list may be missing some features, as the hack is Always being updated. Some features may be removed without notice.

Current Bugs:
- Can't move? Turn off ENGINE PREDICTION in Aimbot Tab
- Low FPS  when using the hack. You can try Lite Aimbot if you don't need nospread, but this will be fixed.
FPS improved 2022 December

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Re: GMod VIP Hack Features and Cheat Info
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2022, 12:57:30 AM »

Some other videos that are older but still show the power of the game:

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Re: GMod VIP Hack Features and Cheat Info
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2023, 12:06:18 AM »
can i please get a 64 bit version of this or lite? the 32 bit version despite the antivirus disable for it doesn't work.

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Re: GMod VIP Hack Features and Cheat Info
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2023, 12:58:51 AM »
can i please get a 64 bit version of this or lite? the 32 bit version despite the antivirus disable for it doesn't work.

It works fine for thousands of members, there will not be a 64bit version of the gmod hack until 64bit is the default branch of garrys mod

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