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« on: November 26, 2016, 05:37:39 PM »
Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/1237674/
Available Hours: 3-4 hours school day. 5-6 Hours WEEKEND
Why: Well I have been staff on many servers, Ive been staff on CodeName Community, Ive been staff on |-NCBA-|  Which is the biggest purge server on gmod.
When i was Moderator on NCBA they held me up to high standards I made a application after i had 2 days on the server... Then waited 2 weeks to get accepted to T-Mod While i was tmod i had to be on duty every single time i joined the server which was very hard. Whenever i was on duty they would have the Head-Admins watch me during my sits. Showing that I've gotten accepted on one of the biggest servers on Gmod shows that i have the Practice, Performance and Training to continue being staff. Aswell, If i was to rate myself with ulx it would be a 10/10 i know every command and what it does ive been using ulx since when it came out. Many servers have a big problem with staff being corrupt and staff abusing their god given powers. But with my training i dont play around Im not one of those staff members that will ask someonelse to take the sit or is just lazy in general, I have 2000+ hours on gmod and 750 of those 2000 hours was me being staff this application will hopefully help you make your decision on saying yes or no to the application.
Languages: English but... I can use google translate :-*
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