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Title: Grand Theft Auto Vice City VIP Hack Features & Cheat Info
Post by: KittoniuM on January 11, 2022, 11:43:48 pm
Download at the bottom of this post!

The hack, designed for singleplayer, works on multiplayer too.
No bypass is required.

Anti-Cheat Support (The hack is undetectable on these)
VCMP Serverside Anti-Cheat - Undetected

List of Features (Minor ones hidden)

WARNING: This list may be missing some features, as the hack is Always being updated. Some features may be removed without notice.

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Download the Loader:
Download the loader, run 32bit loader and choose GTAVC

If your antivirus is deleting the loader, add the files to exclusions or uninstall the antivirus!!

The best way to enjoy Vice City (and this hack) is to download this modpack:

Current Bugs:
This hack was designed for singleplayer, but will get more support for VCMP

If the hack loads (You hear the beep) but nothing is shown ingame, try alt tabbing, and then going back into the game.

The Hack currently has a crashing problem if you tab out after the hack has loaded, so try to avoid tabbing out.