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Title: Gmod SUPERIOR Exploit and pAnti-Aim
Post by: blazeit402 on June 10, 2018, 03:24:58 am
it was my private cheats, but this modules got patched

so I upload this sh!ts and hope BP developer add this function :)

Code: [Select]
//seq meme, break hitbox and reset sequence animation value

if input.IsKeyDown(81) then
local sequencenumber = engineprediction.GetOutSequenceNumber()
engineprediction.SetOutSequenceNumber(sequencenumber + (150 * factor)

Code: [Select]
//Super Jump exploit

local pos = LocalPlayer():GetPos()
local tdata = {start = pos, endpos = pos - Vector(0, 0, 1337), mask = MASK_SOLID}
local trace = util.TraceLine(tdata)
local len = (pos - trace.HitPos).z
local sequencenumber = engineprediction.GetOutSequenceNumber()
if len > 42.5 then
engineprediction.SetOutSequenceNumber(sequencenumber + 16)

Code: [Select]
//pAA, OP Anti Aim, nobody can't tap you
local FakeAngle = Angle(89, 0, 0);
local RealAngle = Angle(89, 180, 0);

if bSendPacket then
cm.SetViewAngles(ucmd, FakeAngle);
cm.SetViewAngles(ucmd, RealAngle);

// hvh god setting

local function GetClosest()
local ddists = {};
local closest;
for k,v in next, player.GetAll() do
if(!Valid(v)) then continue; end
ddists[#ddists + 1] = { vm.Distance( em.GetPos(v), em.GetPos(me) ), v };
table.sort(ddists, function(a, b)
return(a[1] < b[1]);
closest = ddists[1] && ddists[1][2] || nil;
if(!closest) then return fa.y; end
local pos = em.GetPos(closest);
local pos = vm.Angle(pos - em.EyePos(me));
return( pos.y );

local function Antiaim(ucmd)
if bSendPacket then
cm.SetViewAngles(ucmd, Angle(89, GetClosest() - 90, 0));
cm.SetViewAngles(ucmd, Angle(89, GetClosest + 90 + math.Rand(-60, 60), 0));

you can find modules(EnginePred3) at mpgh ty
Title: Re: Gmod SUPERIOR Exploit and pAnti-Aim
Post by: SheanJean on July 21, 2018, 01:39:32 am
I've been looking over this for a while now, and I actually thing the AA is pretty interesting.
It could easily be tweaked to add a higher resolve for the yaw pitches.
I think I might take that up tbh.
Title: Re: Gmod SUPERIOR Exploit and pAnti-Aim
Post by: Hackeralerts on September 17, 2018, 08:40:29 pm
thats cooleos
Title: Re: Gmod SUPERIOR Exploit and pAnti-Aim
Post by: 123Mensch on September 19, 2018, 08:52:40 am
On some server this is patched so it won't work...