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Author Topic: December 2021  (Read 917 times)

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December 2021
« on: December 09, 2021, 06:26:22 PM »
Merry Christmas!


December 2021
December 25:
Battlefield 1 - UPDATED
Player ESP & Light Aimbot are back
Grand Theft Auto 5 - UPDATED
Satan mode, Mega kill, Aimbot Visibility Check, are down for now

December 21:
Killing Floor 1 Free ESP - REMOVED
Portal 1 - REMOVED
Useless hacks

December 21:
Phasmophobia ESP - Updated

Boxes added, more objects in filter

December 19:
Devour Test - New Release

ESP, Godmode, Flyhack, Unlimited Stamina

New unity hack development by @FPSanarchy is in progress

December 9:
GTA 5 VIP - Outdated
GTA 5 is down, looking into it

Phasmophobia ESP Test - New Release

Ghost, Fusebox, Ouija, Bone ESP only for now

DEVOUR ESP Test - New Release

Anna, Wheelchairs, Spiders, Rose, Goat, Key, Notes, Rats, Bottles, eggs, Clipboards, Rotten Food, Gas Cans
ESP only for now.

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