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June 2023
« on: June 03, 2023, 04:05:42 AM »
June 2023
June 29
Gmod - Updated
fix nospread for cw2
fix nospread for default darkrp swep 

June 26
GTA 5 - Updated
fixed name esp for players
fix vis check
fix lag
fix weapon accuracy & range
fix speedhack
fix aimbot tp/fp targetting
fixed gui mouse move
fixed speed
added weapon esp
added pickup name esp
June 26

June 25
fixed wanted level
added explosive ammo
added super jump
2022 -> 2023 framework
June 7
adding slaughterhouse entities...
fixing esp items missing from latest update
fixed azazel sam box bounds
fixed ESP lag
June 4
Forum - Updated
- Inactive VIP rank added
- All old members with previous games and no rank have been granted this new rank

June 3

Gmod Lite ESP - ADDED
now costs $0.10 - or just $3.00 PER MONTH!
Old members (before 2020) will still have free access. (WORK IN PROGRESS)
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