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Title: CA Classic VIP Hack Features & Cheat Info
Post by: KittoniuM on November 04, 2018, 04:42:59 pm
To use, activate it in the loader!

Community Videos:

The hack works on every server and every gamemode.
No bypass is required.

List of Features (Some may be not listed)

Orange colored features specify features that are popular/rare/never seen before.

WARNING: This list may be missing some features, as the hack is Always being updated. Some features may be removed without notice.

Subscribe to these channels - or you might crash! ( (

After subscribing, download the Loader:
Download the loader, run 32bit loader and activate the COMBAT ARMS CLASSIC
If your antivirus is deleting the loader, add the files to exclusions or uninstall the antivirus!!

Right now, do not use Smooth Aiming or Jitter Aiming, they do not work and will probably cause Auto Fire to not work.