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« on: November 01, 2023, 05:34:02 PM »
this was a pain to edit but I managed to do it in a few hours, my editing software kept crashing lol

I suppose this shall be crowned my masterpiece since I know I'll never be able to make anything better than this one:

next video will most likely be shorter and more of a showcase of using the aimbot to heal team mates 24/7, since you can use the healing darts combined with rapid fire to instantly fill their HP lmao

oh yeah, and the FOREWARNED cheat got an update so i might toy with that for a bit

Killing Floor 2 / VIDEO VIDEO "Solo'ing the Weekly with AIMBOT" Video
« on: October 30, 2023, 10:43:14 AM »
found a random ass YT account I made back in 2014, no idea why it existed so I've turned it into a place for me to throw my bigpacket showcase videos on =)

this is one of the two videos I've already thrown up:

I plan on doing more, just a tad rusty when it comes to using OBS, I'll eventually get around to editing stuff together instead of just tossing raw footage onto youtube, already got some video ideas so this for sure ain't going to be my last video thread


i know some people are probably going to be curious of two things from the video format, i might as well answer them before the comments come.

1q: "why didn't you turn on rapid fire before the video? why did you only just turn it on 3 minutes into it?"
1a: I both purposally and accidentally left it off for the first 3 minutes. mostly to show off the aimbot more, while also giving me a "valid" excuse to randomly open the menu to show off some features to possible future users watching the video. i then proceeded to forgot to enable the feature because i was just more focused on recording xd sorry

2q: "why not a killing compilation? why raw gameplay?"
2a: personal preference

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