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Public Chat / Should "0ldStar" get a Ban?
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:19:59 AM »
Nice spam 0ldStar...

In this Poll you can vote if he should get a Ban.

I cannot decide if he gets a ban for spam, but maybe a Mod or an Admin gets attention on this Poll and maybe ban him or not.



Testimonials / BP CS:GO, worth too buy?
« on: May 31, 2018, 03:46:44 PM »
This is my own opinion, i dont want 2 offend you KittoniuM.

So this is about the BP CS:GO cheat, i wanted 2 make this a while ago but i kinda had hope but i'll get later 2 it.

First of all this cheat is not an HvH cheat and not that good of an legit cheat only if you do the settings right. So what do we call this cheat ? It's hard 2 say but it feels like KittoniuM dosnt do anything for the CS:GO cheat (there is no love in it). But thats fine in my opinion because its more like a side project for him because its a sorce game (you can simply change some things and turn a CSS, GMod, TF2 cheat etc in 2 a CS:GO cheat).

And thats why i think this !!

1. Multiple options dont work right or do not work at all:
     -everything in the "Override View" section.
     -everything in the "Emit Sound" section.

2. The FPS problem:
     I dont know why this cheat has FPS problems, cause i dont know the source. But i can think of some things and no it dose
     not change anything if you change graphic settings or settings in the cheat!
     I mean it cant be that hard 2 fix that problem and im sure about that, because many free internal and external cheats dont
     have FPS problems like my fixed version of Indigo. (If you want any pic of my FPS with these allegations then pls just tell
     me in the comment section)

3. No Updates for the CS:GO cheat:
     -Updates like the famos Chams with a different color if they are behind something or not.
     -Third person
     -etc etc (he is not Up to date)

Edit: I forgot that the ESP that should show weapons on the ground dose not show them and the bomb box ESP Box is kinda buged.

It has the baisics and a bit more like the aimtarget stuff but the problem is the Aimbot. If you do it right you can get a decent legit cheat because the "Rage" (HvH) settings are pritty bad, the big thing is the "auto spraycontroll" its legit not good (but not for the AK47 tho). You have 2 tap the Aim key (reseting the aimbot) 2 get the outcome that you want for your aimbot. And if you want 2 use the revolver.... you cant because it just taps the trigger never shoots.

So what can you expect if you buy this Cheat??
 -An very good customisable ESP (i like it thats why i bought it)
 -An good legit aimbot if you do it right (But you can Customis)
 -Not an HvH Hack even with AA (but all 3 are not good, only 1 fix)
 -Customisable "Mini Map"(Rada i guess(i dont use it))
 -Friend and Shit list (Aimbot dose not aim at "Friend" and prioritise "Shit list" people)
 -Customisable menu

This is my opinion it would be cool if KittoniuM would do somthing. But i would understand if nothing happens because its not the main Cheat on BP, its only a side project.


Counter Strike Global Offensive / No spread
« on: February 25, 2018, 05:11:06 PM »
Sometimes when i walk, jump or sneak in csgo and then press my aim key, No spread doesn't work (sometimes). And yes I checked every thing and tried some other options and stuff. If it's a bug or something fix it but if it's intended for more "legitnis" then it's fine. I can deal with that.

Counter Strike Global Offensive / Bug
« on: February 22, 2018, 08:05:54 AM »
In the Attachments are 2 screenshots with Befor and After i press the E key in game.
After I press E the game crashes and gives me an Error. (Also Attached in the Attachments)
Fix it pls.

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