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The name on the account is supposed to be Ultimate Gamer, or GamerLord, or TacticalGamer- anything that's going to be hyper-roblox and stupid. The dumber it is, the funnier it is, and honestly I'm not settling on just one name.
I have shopped screenshots of "hacks in csgo" to make it look like I was never caught hacking and etc etc.
I need help finding the right amount of stupid, and annoying in an avatar as possible to put the cherry on top of this account to make it perfect.
Current avatar is an airsoft kid wearing a bandana like rambo, steam profile background is pizza, all screenshots are of "my best games" but with obvious "hacks" in the screenshots, all in a screenshot showcase. I used SAM to unlock every achievement on every game on the account for added "pro gamer" status.
If anybody has any ideas for this avatar, or any images, let me know, any input would be appreciated.

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