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Accepted Suggestions / [Gmod] Improve Chams Menu, or remove it.
« on: January 25, 2018, 12:07:09 pm »
Simple as the title. The options aren't really clear and i'm sure whats even going on in this menu. Make it more user friendly or just remove it.

Add the ability to move sliders with arrow keys, or add numberboxes to them. Like this


Denied Suggestions / Gmod Hack Suggestions
« on: January 23, 2018, 06:40:53 am »
These aren't going to be in any sort of order but, at least I finally got around to doing this list:

1. Add controls to accurately set values on numerical sliders(arrow keys?), or add number boxes, like you did with ExtraAimHeight.

2. Can you make the chams menu a bit more user friendly?(Or can someone give me some give settings).

3. Can we get a mixed targeting option for the aimbot, where it uses both FOV and Distance. Check to see if in FOV first then aim the the one closest to you in that range.

4. Fix Aimbot Smart Filter, its useful for gamemodes like ZS where thinning off the horde of zombie by killing the low HP ones is really good.

5. Fix Disable Aimbot when being spectated, also a really useful, would've saved me a couple bans.

6. Add and option for RageAimBot to aim at ALL types(except maybe projectiles/pickups) as well.

7. Add a hotkey to add person to friends list who you are currently looking at.(Would help for alot of the militaryrp/team games where there are multiple teams of friendlies.)

8. Improve visibility checks with some props(blues shelves and some bedframes), where they are perfectly fine to shoot through but the aimbot gets stuck, probably not the only ones.

9. Some type of melee aimbot fix? If its possible to detect a melee weapon in the hand, set a max distance filter and turn off target locking. ( people see you doing 180 with melee weapons following a player model perfectly = kick/ban)

10. Performance optimization. When there is a large amount of pickups/projectiles/entities(or something else), specifically in the BattleRoyal gamemode, the FPS TANKS. Might just be my shit PC, this one is not that important.

11. Check for MaxHP values properly, some entities haves like 50-100k HP and the hack shows them at either 1 or 100 MaxHP. The Current HP is fine.

Take a look and let me know. Thanks.

Discussion / Re: discord went down?
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:08:19 pm »
Nigga, make a Teamspeak server if Cuckcord is gonna be cancer.

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