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« on: January 26, 2023, 12:21:00 PM »
Does it work for the current version of the game?

Yes, it does, I am actually planning to update the hack this week with the BP Menu & ESP instead of the simple menu

Grand Theft Auto 5 / Re: [HELP] GTA V erros
« on: January 26, 2023, 12:07:04 PM »
No I just reinstall the whole  game without any mods and it still doesn't work but however other of your hacks works on other games like codename and l4d2 but not gta5

just tested. works fine for me
go in windowed and try loading it once in main menu?

if still persists with windowed & loading at main menu:
install teamviewer, and pm me the details i need to connect

Grand Theft Auto 5 / Re: [HELP] GTA V erros
« on: January 26, 2023, 10:59:38 AM »
333 could be solved by removing the "kitterengine2" folder.
Does the hack work fine without any mod menus installed? they could be undoing something that the hack needs.

General Chat / Re: Hack not injecting
« on: January 18, 2023, 04:15:36 PM »
When will this new loader come?

late jan to march, don't know yet not planned, not much demand

General Chat / Re: Hack not injecting
« on: January 18, 2023, 09:03:47 AM »
Assuming this is for Combat Arms Classic.

The game must be ran without BattlEye enabled:
Make a "Start.bat" file in the game directory with the following contents:
"Engine.exe" -windowtitle "Combat_Arms" -rez Engine.REZ -rez Game --lc=EN -BattlEye 1

This is temporary, I am working on a loader that works with battleye.
for now, this is the only way to use the hack and thats why its so cheap - 10 cents a day!!

Garrys Mod / Re: Review of gmod vip Hack
« on: January 10, 2023, 05:18:10 PM »
Thank you so much for your positive review!
I have tried to polish this hack as much as possible

General Chat / Re: Gmod paid Hack
« on: January 09, 2023, 08:59:00 PM »
Just sent 15 dollars to the e-mail. Friends and family. Cant wait to see whats this is about✌🏼

You should have them now, enjoy :)

Garrys Mod / Re: Custom Visuals
« on: January 09, 2023, 12:30:45 AM »
You can use the hotkey for friendlist (uses aimtarget)
turn off Ignore Invisible and turn on aim team then add everyone you can see

Garrys Mod / Re: General Cheat Questions [VIP]
« on: January 08, 2023, 01:08:31 AM »
Neither Step, Linear or Curve are changing smoothnes, its always instalock on the head

Aim step must be enabled and turn it down to 5-10 degrees per frame

Garrys Mod / Re: General Cheat Questions [VIP]
« on: January 07, 2023, 11:18:58 PM »
I'm having troubles finding the smoothing option in GMOD VIP Hack lmao, can someone help me out?

Is there an Option to customize the colours for every single Job (BOX / NAME /...) on darkrp servers?

Thank you!

The aimbot smoothing is called "Aim Step" in the aimbot tab. Options to customize it may be in the Customization button of Aimbot, there is Step, Linear and Curved options.

There is no option for job specific players. You can use the shitlist/friendlist

Garrys Mod / Re: Custom Visuals
« on: January 07, 2023, 03:17:43 PM »
that would require the use of Lua,  this  is a strictly C++ hack.

You could use the Shitlist/Friendlist to achieve a similar result - ignore people and force others on the aimbot

Garrys Mod / Re: can't open 32bit?
« on: January 07, 2023, 06:32:23 AM »
Why does my windows defender say that the bigpackets file contains windows32backdoor bladavindi.
Script kiddie back door or am i buggin?
Do you know how to read?

Garrys Mod / Re: can't open 32bit?
« on: January 05, 2023, 03:17:50 PM »
Sounds like antivirus is removing it.
Turn it off and try again, or add the folders to antivirus exclusions.

Gamehacks will always be detected as a virus (false positive)

Reversing / Re: Find GetRenderContext in Source Engine for Chams
« on: January 02, 2023, 10:35:39 PM »
For Left 4 Dead and newer games this method may not work

so this is another method, which you can also find clientmode from
this function is void CViewRender::RenderView( const CViewSetup &view, const CViewSetup &hudViewSetup, int nClearFlags, int whatToDraw )

Reversing / [ Reversing ] [ Reversing ] Find GetRenderContext in Source Engine for Chams
« on: January 01, 2023, 09:24:22 PM »
In Dx9 hacks you can get advanced DrawIndexedPrimitive chams using the engines CMaterialSystem GetRenderContext method.

in the source code you can find this refrence
Code: [Select]
void CClientVirtualReality::Deactivate()

if( !UseVR() )


g_pMatSystemSurface->ForceScreenSizeOverride(false, 0, 0 );
g_pMaterialSystem->GetRenderContext()->Viewport( 0, 0, m_nNonVRWidth, m_nNonVRHeight );
g_pMatSystemSurface->SetFullscreenViewportAndRenderTarget( 0, 0, m_nNonVRWidth, m_nNonVRHeight, NULL );

    static ConVarRef cl_software_cursor( "cl_software_cursor" );

and this is what it looks like in ida:
(search for the strings  sub_10341DF0("cl_software_cursor"); sub_10341030(Buffer, 0x100u, "mat_setvideomode %i %i %i\n", this[128]);
Code: [Select]
void __thiscall sub_100F7700(_DWORD *this)
  int RenderContext; // eax

  if ( dword_1058D9B4 && (*(*dword_1058D9B4 + 36))(dword_1058D9B4) )
    (*(*dword_1058D9B4 + 104))(dword_1058D9B4);
    (*(*g_pMatSystemSurface + 544))(g_pMatSystemSurface, 0, 0, 0);
    RenderContext = (*(*g_pMaterialSystem + 412))(g_pMaterialSystem);
    (*(*RenderContext + 152))(RenderContext, 0, 0, this[128], this[129]);
    (*(*g_pMatSystemSurface + 704))(g_pMatSystemSurface, 0, 0, this[128], this[129], 0);
    if ( (dword_1058F218 & 1) == 0 )
      dword_1058F218 |= 1u;

from that we can see our index for render context:

 RenderContext = (*(*g_pMaterialSystem + 412))(g_pMaterialSystem);

412 bytes.. divided by 4 gives us our vtable pointer index (103)

here is a class it returns.. think i found it on UC or UnstucK
Code: [Select]
class CMaterialRenderContext
BYTE pad0[0xc];
void** pad1;
uintptr_t RenderEntity;

__forceinline void* GetCurrentEnt()
if (RenderEntity == 0)
return nullptr;

return (void*)(RenderEntity - 4);

and this is how you use it in DIP

Code: [Select]
HRESULT __stdcall MyDrawIndexedPrimitive(IDirect3DDevice9* Device, D3DPRIMITIVETYPE PrimType, int BaseVertexIndex, unsigned int MinIndex, unsigned int NumVertices, unsigned int StartIndex, unsigned int PrimitiveCount)
if (!chams)
return OriginalDrawIndexedPrimitive(Device, PrimType, BaseVertexIndex, MinIndex, NumVertices, StartIndex, PrimitiveCount);

bool FillChanged = false;

static SourceEngine::CMaterialRenderContext* RenderCtx = nullptr;
if (!IsValidPointer(RenderCtx))
DbgLog(L"[Dx9 Dip] Trying to find Render Ctx\n");

//TODO: If the vfunc is called, it needs releaseing because its refcounted
RenderCtx = SourceEngine::s_Material->GetRenderContext();

if (IsValidPointer(RenderCtx))
SourceEngine::CValveEnt* Ent = (SourceEngine::CValveEnt*)RenderCtx->GetCurrentEnt();

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