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News / Feburary 2018
« on: February 02, 2018, 10:20:39 pm »
Feburary 2018
Feburary 26:
Gmod Public Hack Updated (Version 1988)

Feburary 20:
ESP Groups tab placements


Feburary 17:
Check this! New tab called "Aim Target only" which allows you to set specific ESP things for your aimbot target

Feburary 6:
Working on re-designing the menu :) check the new visuals tab!

Feburary 2:
Working on option to friendlist/shitlist aimbot targets!! Will be there in the next GMod Hack update :)


News / January 2018
« on: January 02, 2018, 03:43:52 pm »
January 2018
January 2:
Garry's Mod Public Hack Updated (Version 1885)
- A few things have been fixed but most recently "Off After Kill" has been fixed after Mortalitas reported that it was broken

January 1:
Happy new year everyone!! Hope you're all having a great week  ;D

News / December 2017
« on: December 11, 2017, 07:03:12 pm »
December 2017
The month that our discord was shut down, twice!
December 30:
GTA 5 Hack Updated

December 25:
- Added a Games category in the forum with all the games we support
- Working on a new theme, Bp Stars (Made to match the homepage)



December 25:
Counter Strike Source Hack Started

December 24:
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Suggestions / [Important] [Important] *** ONE SUGGESTION PER THREAD ***
« on: December 08, 2017, 11:34:35 am »
Please only post one (1) suggestion per thread!!

Reversing / Aimware Source Code [Decompiled]
« on: December 06, 2017, 08:25:27 pm »
Not mine, just sharing.. hope you have fun with it.. some of the data has been reversed
Download the attachment

Preview of the functions that got decompiled...

Code: [Select]
int *__thiscall sub_612659B0(void *this);
_BOOL1 __thiscall sub_612659E0(int this);
int __thiscall sub_61265A00(int this, int a2, int a3);
float __fastcall SetupRay(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5, int a6);
_BOOL1 __thiscall sub_61265C70(void *this);
void __fastcall RestorePunch(int a1, int a2, int Entity);
void __stdcall CreateMove(struct_a1 *cmd, int _ebp, int bSendPacket); // idb
void __thiscall Speedhack(struct_v6 *a1, int bSendPacket, int _ebp);
void __thiscall Fakelag(struct_v6 *a1, char IsDucking);
void __stdcall ClampCommand(struct_a1 *a1);
void __fastcall EnginePrediction(struct_v6 *a1, int a2, struct_a1 *cmd);
int __thiscall sub_612664C0(int this, int a2);
void __fastcall Movement(struct_v6 *a1, struct_a1 *a2, struct_a1 *a3);
int __fastcall sub_612666A0(int a1, int a2);
char __thiscall sub_612666E0(int this, int a2);
char __thiscall IsValidTarget(struct_v6 *this, int Entity); // idb
int __stdcall sub_61266830(int a1);
void __stdcall NoSpreadFix(int a1, float a2, int a3, char a4, char a5);
double __thiscall sub_612672A0(int this);
int __thiscall BunnyHop(struct_v6 *this, struct_a1 *a2); // idb
void __thiscall Autostrafe(struct_v6 *a1, struct_a1 *ucmd);
void __fastcall MovementFix(struct_v6 *a1, struct_a1 *a3);
void __cdecl Chat_NameStuff(int a1, signed int a2);
void __cdecl Namechanger();
void AdviseCheat();
void __cdecl ChatSpam();
void __cdecl AsusWalls();
int __thiscall sub_612681F0(void *this);
void __cdecl SequenceProxy(const void *pData, void *pStruct, void *pOut);
void __cdecl GetPredictedViewModel_NetVars();
int __stdcall sub_61268470(int a1, int a2);
int __stdcall sub_61268570(int a1, const char *a2);
void __cdecl Skinchanger();
void __thiscall PaintKitChanger(struct_Skinchanger *a1, int a2);
void GetSequences(void);
void GetOriginalSequence();
void __thiscall KnifeAnimationFix(struct_Skinchanger *a1, int a2);
void __thiscall KnifeModelChanger(struct_Skinchanger *a1, int a2);
void GetOriginalOwnerXuid(void);
int __stdcall sub_61268D20(int a1);
void __cdecl SaveSkinchangerConfig();
int __fastcall sub_61269100(struct_Skinchanger *a1); // idb
struct_Skinchanger *__fastcall sub_61269410(struct_Skinchanger *a1);
void __fastcall sub_61269570(struct_Skinchanger *a1);
char sub_61269680();
struct_v16 *__fastcall sub_61269790(struct_v16 *a1, int a2, int a3);
int sub_612697D0();
int __stdcall sub_612697E0(int a1, int a2);
int sub_61269830();
int __stdcall sub_61269850(int a1, int a2);
int sub_612698A0();
int __stdcall sub_612698B0(int a1, int a2);
void __fastcall sub_61269910(void *this, struct_a1 *a2, struct_a1 *a3);
void __fastcall Triggerbot(int a1, struct_a1 *a3);
char __thiscall sub_61269B10(void *this, struct_a1 *a1, int Entity); // idb
int __fastcall sub_61269DA0(int a1, int a2, char a3, int a4, int a5);
// void __userpurge NoSpread(long double [email protected]<st0>, int [email protected]<edx>, struct_v6 *[email protected]<ecx>, struct_a1 *a2); idb
_BOOL1 __thiscall sub_6126A170(void *this);
_BOOL1 __thiscall IsEntity(void *this);
void __stdcall sub_6126A220(void *a1, int a2, int a3);
void __stdcall GetEntityChamColor(int a1, int a2, int a3);
void __fastcall AngleResolver(int a1, int a2, int a3);
void __stdcall Resolver(int a1, char a2);
void __fastcall PoseparameterFix(struct_Poseparameterfix *a1, int a2, int Entity);
void __fastcall PoseparameterFix2(struct_Poseparameterfix *a1, int a2, int Entity);
void __cdecl sub_6126A800();
// int __usercall [email protected]<eax>(double [email protected]<st0>);
// int __usercall [email protected]<eax>(float [email protected]<xmm1>);
// void __userpurge FakelagFix(float [email protected]<xmm0>, double [email protected]<st0>, double [email protected]<st1>, double [email protected]<st2>, double [email protected]<st3>, double [email protected]<st4>, double [email protected]<st5>, double [email protected]<st6>, double [email protected]<st7>, int Entity, int arg4, int a4);
int __thiscall SetupBones(void *this, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5);
// char __usercall [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<edx>, int [email protected]<ecx>, Vector *a3); idb
char sub_6126B010();
bool __thiscall sub_6126B1E0(int this, int a2);
char sub_6126B200();
int __stdcall sub_6126B230(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ebp>, double [email protected]<st0>, struct_a1 *a1);
char __stdcall sub_6126BC10(int a1);
char __stdcall Autoshoot(struct_a1 *a1); // idb
GlobalVarsBase *__stdcall sub_6126C0A0(int a1);
void __cdecl j_Chatstuff(int a1, signed int a2);
void __fastcall sub_6126C110(struct_v6 *a1, int a2);
double __thiscall sub_6126C190(int this);
void __fastcall sub_6126C1A0(struct_v6 *a1, int a2, struct_a1 *a3);
void __thiscall sub_6126C230(struct_v6 *a1, struct_a1 *a2);
void __fastcall GetSpreadVector(struct_v6 *a1, int Seed, float *a4);
float __thiscall RecoilControl(int this, int a2);
float __fastcall sub_6126C5D0(struct_v6 *a1, struct_a1 *a2);
// char __usercall [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<edx>, int [email protected]<ecx>, int a3, int a4, int a5, float a6, float a7, float a8, int a9);
// char __usercall [email protected]<al>(char [email protected]<dl>, int [email protected]<ecx>, char a3, int a4, float a5, int a6, int a7, int a8, int a9, int a10);
int __thiscall sub_6126CCD0(int this);
char __thiscall sub_6126CDB0(void *this, int a2, int a3);
int __thiscall sub_6126CDF0(int this);
// signed int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(struct_v6 *[email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<ebp>, int *[email protected]<edi>, signed int [email protected]<esi>, int a5, int a6); idb
int __cdecl sub_6126D390(int a1, int a2, int a3);
char __stdcall sub_6126D3B0(int a1, int a2);
int sub_6126D3C0();
int __cdecl sub_6126D3D0(int a1, int a2, char a3);
void Visuals();
char GrenadeTracer();
char __stdcall IsValidEntity(void *a1);
char __stdcall sub_6126F700(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5);
char __stdcall sub_6126F790(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5);
char __stdcall sub_6126FD20(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5);
char __stdcall sub_61270270(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5);
char __stdcall sub_61270860(int a1, int a2);
char __stdcall sub_612708C0(int a1, float a2, float a3);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(float [email protected]<xmm3>, int a2, int a3);
char __stdcall sub_612740E0(int a1, int a2, int a3);
int __stdcall sub_61274210(int a1, int a2);
int __stdcall sub_612743D0(int a1, int a2, int a3);
int __stdcall sub_61274410(int a1, int a2, int a3);
char __stdcall IsVisible(int a1);
char __fastcall ClientMode__CreateMove(__int64 a1, int a2, int a3, int a4);
_BOOL1 __stdcall BaseClient__WriteUsercmdDeltaToBuffer(int a1, int a2, signed int a3, signed int a4, int a5);
int __stdcall EngineClient__SetViewAngles(int a1);
int __thiscall EngineVGui__UpdateButtonState(int this, int a2);
void __stdcall EngineVGui__Paint(int a1);
void __fastcall StudioRenderContext__DrawModel(int a1, int a2, int a3, DrawModelInfo_t *a4, int a5, int a6, int a7, int a8, int a9);
void __fastcall Surface__LockMouse(void *thisptr);
// char __usercall [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<ebx>, int [email protected]<esi>);
void __fastcall Prediction__RunCommand(int thisptr_1, int a2, int Player, struct_a1 *cmd, int a5);
void __cdecl Proxy(const void *pData, void *pStruct, void *pOut);
void __cdecl SmokeEffectTickBeginProxy(const void *pData, void *pStruct, void *pOut);
void __cdecl YawProxy(const void *pData, void *pStruct, void *pOut);
void __cdecl PitchProxy(const void *pData, void *pStruct, void *pOut);
void __fastcall BaseClient__FrameStageNotify(int a1, int a2, int a3);
unsigned int sub_61275A70();
void FreeMemory(void);
signed int sub_61275DE0();
char sub_61275DF0();
signed int sub_61275E00();
signed int sub_61275E10();
signed int sub_61275E20();
signed int sub_61275E30();
signed int sub_61275E40();
signed int sub_61275E50();
signed int sub_61275E60();
signed int sub_61275E70();
signed int sub_61275E80();
char sub_61275E90();
char sub_61275EC0();
int sub_61275EF0();
char *__stdcall sub_61275F00(int a1, int a2);
char __thiscall sub_61275F50(void *this);
char sub_61275FB0();
char sub_61275FD0();
char sub_61275FF0();
char sub_61276010();
char sub_612760E0();
char sub_61276150();
int __cdecl sub_612761C0(int a1, unsigned int a2);
int __cdecl sub_61276230(int a1, unsigned int a2);
int __cdecl sub_612762A0(int a1, unsigned int a2);
void sub_61276310();
int sub_61276330();
int sub_61276380();
int sub_612763B0();
int sub_612763E0();
int sub_61276410();
char __fastcall sub_61276430(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<ebx>, int [email protected]<edi>, int [email protected]<esi>, int a5, int a6);
int __stdcall sub_61276F50(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5);
void __thiscall FillPlayerStruct(struct_PlayerStruct *this, int a2);
int __stdcall sub_61277020(struct_PlayerStruct *a1, char IsInAir); // idb
void __fastcall Functions(_DWORD a1, struct_a1 *a3);
// void __userpurge sub_61277950(__int64 [email protected]<edx:eax>, int [email protected]<ecx>, struct_a1 *a3, int a4);
void __stdcall sub_61277A00(int a1);
void __stdcall AntiRecoil(int a1);
void __fastcall sub_61277AB0(struct_v6 *a1, int a2, struct_a1 *a3); // idb
// void __usercall NormalizeFloat(float a1);
signed int __stdcall EdgeAntiaim(int Entity, Vector *a2); // idb
// void __userpurge AntiAim(float [email protected]<edi>, struct_a1 *a1, char InAttack, char a3); idb
// char __userpurge [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<ecx>, double [email protected]<st0>, float [email protected]<xmm0>, double [email protected]<st7>, double [email protected]<st6>, double [email protected]<st5>, double [email protected]<st4>, double [email protected]<st3>, double [email protected]<st2>, double [email protected]<st1>, int a3);
// char __userpurge [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<ecx>, double [email protected]<st0>, float [email protected]<xmm0>, double [email protected]<st7>, double [email protected]<st6>, double [email protected]<st5>, double [email protected]<st4>, double [email protected]<st3>, double [email protected]<st2>, double [email protected]<st1>, int a4);
// char __userpurge [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<ecx>, double [email protected]<st0>, double [email protected]<st7>, double [email protected]<st6>, double [email protected]<st5>, double [email protected]<st4>, double [email protected]<st3>, double [email protected]<st2>, double [email protected]<st1>, int a3);
// char __userpurge [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<ecx>, double [email protected]<st0>, double [email protected]<st7>, double [email protected]<st6>, double [email protected]<st5>, double [email protected]<st4>, double [email protected]<st3>, double [email protected]<st2>, double [email protected]<st1>, int a3);
// char __userpurge [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<ecx>, float [email protected]<xmm0>, double [email protected]<st0>, double [email protected]<st7>, double [email protected]<st6>, double [email protected]<st5>, double [email protected]<st4>, double [email protected]<st3>, double [email protected]<st2>, double [email protected]<st1>, int a3, int a4, int a5);
mstudiobbox_t *__stdcall GetStudiobbox(mstudiohitboxset_t *a1, int Hitbox);
// double __userpurge [email protected]<st0>(void *[email protected]<ecx>, double [email protected]<st0>, float a2, int a3, int a4, int a5);
// float __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<ebp>, int a3, int a4, int a5, int a6, int a7, char a8);
// signed int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ebp>, int *[email protected]<edi>, signed int [email protected]<esi>, int a4, int a5);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ebp>, int a2, int a3);
int __stdcall sub_6127A620(unsigned __int8 a1, int a2);
void GetBaseEntity_Netvars();
void GetBasePlayer_NetVars();
void __fastcall GetBaseCombatWeapon_NetVars(unsigned int a1, int a2);
void __cdecl GetCSPlayer_NetVars();
int sub_6127ABB0(void); // weak
int __fastcall sub_6127AC40(int a1, int a2);
void __cdecl GetWeaponCSBaseGun_NetVars();
signed int __fastcall sub_6127AD30(int a1);
void __fastcall sub_6127AD70(unsigned int a1, int a2);
int __stdcall sub_6127ADD0(int a1);
int GetMaterial(void); // weak
RecvProp *__fastcall GetNetPropOffset(RecvProp *a1, int a2);
RecvProp *__fastcall sub_6127B7C0(RecvProp *a1, int a2);
RecvProp *__thiscall sub_6127B870(void *this);
int __thiscall sub_6127B8F0(void *this);
int __fastcall sub_6127B9B0(int a1, int a2);
// char __usercall [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<edx>, int [email protected]<ecx>, int a3, int a4, int a5, int a6);
// char __usercall [email protected]<al>(int [email protected]<edx>, int [email protected]<ecx>, int a3, int a4, int a5, int a6);
// int __usercall [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<edx>, int [email protected]<ecx>, int a3, int a4);
// Vector *__usercall [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<edx>, Vector *[email protected]<ecx>, Vector *a3, Vector *a4);
void __fastcall VectorAngle(Vector *a1, Vector *a2);
__int64 __fastcall sub_6127C670(int a1);
// void __usercall NormalizeFloat_0(float [email protected]<xmm0>);
void __fastcall NormalizeAngle(Vector *a1); // idb
// int __usercall [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<edx>, int [email protected]<ecx>, int a3);
int __stdcall sub_6127C950(int a1);
void Menu(void);
int __stdcall sub_6127CB30(int a1, int a2);
char __stdcall sub_6127CEB0(int a1, int a2);
int __stdcall sub_6127CF20(int a1);
int __stdcall sub_6127CFD0(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, unsigned int a5, unsigned int a6, int a7);
int __stdcall sub_6127D180(int a1);
int __stdcall sub_6127D2B0(int a1);
int __stdcall sub_6127D440(int a1, int a2);
signed int __stdcall sub_6127D550(int a1, signed int a2);
void *__stdcall sub_6127D5A0(const char *a1, int *a2);
int __stdcall sub_6127D710(int a1, int a2);
char __stdcall sub_6127D7C0(int a1, int a2);
char __stdcall sub_6127D840(const void *a1, int a2);
char __stdcall sub_6127D930(int a1);
int __stdcall sub_6127DA20(int a1, int a2);
void sub_6127DCC0();
int __thiscall sub_6127DCD0(void *this, int a2, int a3);
// int __usercall [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<edx>, const void *[email protected]<ecx>, int a3);
int __fastcall sub_6127DE00(const void *a1, char a2);
int __thiscall sub_6127DEB0(const void *this);
int __thiscall sub_6127DF10(void *this);
int __stdcall sub_6127E020(int a1);
// unsigned int __usercall [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<edx>, unsigned int [email protected]<ecx>, int a3, int a4);
void Crosshair(void);
char __fastcall sub_6127E3E0(const char *a1);
char __thiscall sub_6127E460(int this);
int __thiscall sub_6127E4D0(void *this, int a2);
int __thiscall sub_6127E570(void *this);
int __stdcall sub_6127E5D0(int a1, int a2);
int __thiscall sub_6127E5E0(int this, int a2, int a3);
char __thiscall sub_6127E640(int this, unsigned int a2, int a3);
signed int sub_6127E690();
// int __usercall [email protected]<eax>(unsigned __int8 [email protected]<dl>, unsigned __int8 [email protected]<cl>, unsigned __int8 a3);
// int __usercall [email protected]<eax>(unsigned __int8 [email protected]<dl>, unsigned __int8 [email protected]<cl>, unsigned __int8 a3);
int __thiscall sub_6127E8C0(int this, int a2, char a3);
int __thiscall sub_6127E9A0(int this, int a2, int a3);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<edi>, int a3, char a4);
int __cdecl sub_6127EF00(int a1, unsigned int a2);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<ebx>, int [email protected]<ebp>, int [email protected]<edi>, int [email protected]<esi>, int a6, int a7);
int __thiscall sub_6127F510(int this, int a2, char a3);
int __thiscall sub_6127F550(int this, int a2, int a3);
int __fastcall sub_6127F8F0(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4);
int __thiscall sub_6127F9C0(int this, int a2, char a3);
void __thiscall sub_6127FA70(int this, int a2, int a3);
int __thiscall sub_6127FF60(int this, int a2, char a3);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<ebx>, int [email protected]<ebp>, int [email protected]<edi>, int [email protected]<esi>, int a6, int a7);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<edi>, int a3, char a4);
int __thiscall sub_61280440(int this, unsigned int a2, int a3);
int __thiscall sub_61280A30(int this, int a2, int a3);
int __thiscall sub_61280C80(int this, int a2, int a3);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<ebx>, int [email protected]<ebp>, int [email protected]<edi>, int a[email protected]<esi>, unsigned int a6, int a7);
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<edi>, int a3, char a4);
unsigned int __thiscall sub_61281390(int this, int a2, int a3);
signed int sub_61281790();
signed int sub_612817A0();
// int __userpurge [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, int [email protected]<ebx>, int [email protected]<ebp>, int [email protected]<edi>, int [email protected]<esi>, int a6, int a7);
int __fastcall sub_61281E70(int a1, unsigned int a2);

Garrys Mod / [Important] [Important] Gmod Free Hack Features and Cheat Info
« on: November 26, 2017, 11:26:59 pm »
1. Subscribe to this channel

2. After subscribing, download the Loader:

If your antivirus is deleting the loader, add the files to exclusions or uninstall the antivirus!!

3. Select Garry's Mod Free and Run Game:
run 32bit loader, login, and select Garry's Mod Free... and start the game
* Steam Overlay must enabled for Garry's Mod


The hack works on every server and every gamemode.
No bypass is required.

Anti-Cheat Support (The hack is undetectable on these)
Screengrab - Undetected
Cake Anti Cheat - CAC Undetected
Garry's Anti Cheat - GAC Undetected
SimpLAC - SimpLAC Undetected
LeyAC - LeyAC Undetected
Valve Anti Cheat - VAC Undetected
Source Mod Anti Cheat - SMAC Undetected
General HeX's Anti Cheat - HAC Undetected
Quack Anti Cheat - QAC Undetected
All other Lua anticheats also undetected (if not, post in the support forum... with the ip of the server)

Stream Safe/Recording Safe
This hack comes with out perfect anti-screengrab, which also works for OBS and Fraps, so you can stream safely on twitch/whatever without people seeing any visuals at all!
* If you want to stream/record with hacks, use OBS Window Capture, instead of game capture.


List of Features (Minor ones hidden)
  • Aimbot Features
    • Aim On Key
    • Smooth Aimbot/AimStep
    • Jitter Aimbot
    • Auto Shoot/Auto Fire
    • No Spread
    • No Recoil
    • Target Lock
    • Off After Kill
    • Restore Angles
    • Vertical Aiming
    • Lead Prediction/Projectile Prediction/Projectile Aimbot
    • Engine Prediction
    • Hitbox Aimbot
    • Anti Anti Aim
    • Fire Time Check
    • Aim Through Glass
    • Aim Through Fence
    • Aim Through Players
    • Auto Stop
    • No Aimbot When Spectated
    • Friendlist/Aimbot Whitelist + Hotkey
    • Shitlist/Aimbot Shitlist + Hotkey
    • Bone Selection with 13 bones (Head, Chest, Pelvis, Left/Right Shoulder, Left/Right Elbow, Left/Right Hand, Left/Right Upper Leg, Left/Right LowerLeg
    • Bone Scan
    • Target by Nearest Target, Furthest Player, Lowest Health, Most Health, Lowest FOV, Highest FOV
    • Rage Key
    • Health Limits (Minimum and Maximum)
    • Max FOV Limit + Draw Fov Circle
    • Max Distance Limit + Draw Radius on Radar
    • Advanced Filter - Aim at Enemy Players, Friendly Players, Enemy NPCs, Friendly NPCs, Enemy Projectiles, Friendly Projectiles, Enemy Pickups, Friendly Pickups
    • Ignore Invisible Targets / Vischecks
    • Ignore Steam Friends
    • Ignore Spawn Protected Players
    • Ignore Unarmed Players
    • Low Priority Flying NPCs
    • Ignore Admins
    • Draw Aimbot Target Light (DLight)
    • Draw Aimbot Target Circle
    • Draw Line to Aimbot Target
    • Draw Aimbot Points + Customizable Color + Customizable Size
  • Visuals/ESP Features
    • ESP for Enemy Players, Friendly Players, Enemy NPCs, Friendly NPCs, Enemy Projectiles, Friendly Projectiles, Enemy Pickups, Friendly Pickups
    • Draw Health Text ESP
    • Draw Skeleton ESP (Bone ESP)
    • Draw Bone Marks ESP
    • Draw Distance Text ESP
    • Draw Nametags ESP
    • Draw Path Line ESP
    • Draw Healthbar ESP (Horizontal and Vertical Healthbars)
    • Draw Line ESP (Top, Center, Bottom)
    • Draw Box ESP (2D Box ESP and 3D Box ESP)
    • Customizable Text Color, Bone Color, Front (Visible) color, Back (Invisible) color
    • Radar ESP
    • Warning System (If Player/NPC/Projectile/Pickup is Close To You)
    • ESP FOV Limit + Draw FOV Circle
    • ESP Distance Limit + Draw on Radar
    • Aimbot Target Only ESP Settings
    • Visible Only ESP Settings
    • Draw DarkRP Job ESP
    • Draw DarkRP Job Text ESP
    • Draw Model ESP
    • Draw Unarmed ESP
    • Draw Weapon ESP
    • Draw Inventory ESP (List of Weapons + Filter)
    • Torch Light To Help You
    • No Fog
    • Spectator List + Play Sound on Spectated + Turn Off Aimbot When Spectated
    • Traitor Detector + Move to aimbot shitlist
    • Murderer Detector + Move to aimbot shitlist
    • Add antlion grub to Enemy NPC list
    • Add combine turrets to Enemy NPC list
    • Add explosive drums to Enemy Projectile list
    • Add breakable boxes to Enemy Pickup list
    • Draw TTT C4 and Dead Body ESP
    • Draw GmodZ Food and Weapon ESP
    • Draw Keypad and Camera ESP
    • Draw Ammo Pickups ESP
    • Draw Weapons ESP
    • Draw Murder Loot ESP
    • Draw DarkRP Money Printer ESP and other RP items like drugs, etc.
    • Draw DarkRP Money (spawned_money)
    • Entity Finder - if hack can't find something you want
    • Draw Dormant ESP
  • Misc Features
    • Bunny Hop Hack
    • Flashlight Spammer
    • Freeze Hack
    • +USE Spam
    • Auto Pistol
    • Silent Aim
    • Magic Bullet
    • Auto Strafer
    • Strafe Bot
    • Perfect Speed Hack (with Overprediction Fix)
    • Adjustable FOV Hack
    • No Sniper Zoom
    • No Roll
    • Visual Telekill
    • No Aimbot Shake
    • No Visual Recoil
    • Visual Ghost Mode/Freeroam/Clientside Noclip
    • No Weapon Sounds
    • No Player Sounds
    • No Camera Sounds
    • Chat Spam with Team Say, Advert spam, OOC spam, ULX PM spam and DarkRP PM spam
  • GUI Features
    • Clock
    • Shoutbox
    • Snake Minigame
    • Tetris Minigame
    • Font Picker - GUI and ESP font can be changed including Anti-Aliasing
    • 2D Radar ESP
    • Aimbot Target Information
    • Aiming At You List
    • Local Healthbar
    • Crosshair Picker
    • Laptop Battery Healthbar
    • Wifi Signal Strength Healthbar
    • Message of the Day Window
    • Steam Client Features (Mass Message)
    • Spectator List
  • More Features
    • Custom Save/Load Config System
    • Master Key - toggle everything (Default: Insert)
    • Menu Key (Default: Delete)
    • Unload and Unload Key

WARNING: This list may be missing some features, as the hack is Always being updated. Some features may be removed without notice.

News / November 2017
« on: November 07, 2017, 01:45:37 am »
November 2017

November 15:
Garry's Mod Hack Updated (should work now)

News / October 2017
« on: November 07, 2017, 01:44:06 am »
October 2017

News / September 2017
« on: September 23, 2017, 12:26:06 am »
September 2017
September 23:
Stream-Proof and Anti-Screengrab Update soon to all the source engine hacks (including the free gmod hack)

« on: September 16, 2017, 09:42:50 pm »
Post one thread per video!
Videos must be PUBLIC!!
BigPackets must be in the title and tags, like (big,packets,bigpacket,bigpackets,hacks,aimbot,esp) for maximum views

News / August 2017
« on: August 12, 2017, 04:33:48 pm »
August 2017
August  30:
Fallout New Vegas Hack Started

August  15:
Battlefield 4 Hack Started

August  19:
Battlefield 1 Hack Updated

August  15:
Grand Theft Auto 5 + Online Hack Started
YES, That's esp stacking!! Those players are at Sandy Shores!!

August  12:
Battlefield 2 Hack Started

News / July 2017
« on: July 01, 2017, 12:49:13 am »
July 2017
* New Gui Theme!

July 27:
GameAnarchy.net is closing  :'(

July 21:
BigPacket Event!! 32 people joined the BP DarKRP server at!!! Favorite it guys we're planning to make it a good darkrp server

BigPacket Event!! Record and upload videos of you using BigPackets (BigPackets must be in the name, and video must have good tags for views) and submit it to the Media forum, people who do videos this week will get rewarded later on!

July 15:
GMod Pub Updated, material, sound, fov hacks have been added, enjoy! redownload the DLL or restart loader if you're using it

July 11:
GMod Pub Updated, redownload the DLL/Loader

July 10:
GMod Pub Updated, redownload the DLL/Loader

July 8:
No Spread!!! and Working PERFECT SILENT AIM added to the GMod Public Hack!! GET IT NOW
Third EP of Packet Box

July 7:
Second EP of Packet Box

July 6:
First episode of Packet Box, a noob version of Idiot Box by BigPackets members :D

July 5:
New loader came out in the discord that checks version

July 1:
Portal 1 Started

News / June 2017
« on: June 03, 2017, 01:38:25 am »
June 2017
June 24:
We have detected a gypsy attack by a previous staff member Fog and have concluded that he has leaked the database password and might have the database of the forum, even though members' passwords are hashed, we advise users to change their passwords on the forum.

No More Room In Hell Hack Started

June 22:
Black Mesa Source Hack Started

June 16:
New Framework Features and some bugfixes are now out

June 12:
Counter Strike Global Offensive Hack Started

June 11:
New Radar Features added to Framework! Customize the size of players, pickups, npc and projectiles in the radar!!!

June 10:
Day of Defeat Source Hack Started

June 8:
Left 4 Dead 1 Hack Started

June 3:
Half Life 2 Deathmatch and Synergy Hack Started

Garrys Mod / Garry's Mod Public Hack - Version 1333
« on: April 16, 2017, 07:18:14 pm »
Click here to visit  the place where you download the loader!
This .exe downloads the sound files for GUI and downloads the latest version of the hack (so if you're crashing, simply tell me wait for an update) and then injects it into your garry's mod.

0. Place the .exe somewhere, don't just run it from your downloads folder!
1. Run the loader
2. Start the game
3. Press insert to activate the hack
4. Press delete to turn on and turn off the menu
Bypasses CAC.

There are still some bugs and I am aware of most of them, post bug reports in this thread, just be sure to include steps for me to reproduce the bug (so i know what you're experiencing)!

this is the best GMod hack you can ever use (CitizenTrash cannot recover)
This is CAC Undetected forever, impossible to detect because it's a C++ hack, not lua

Perfect Aimbot
Perfect ESP
Spectator List
Steam Screenshot Proof (Undetected)
800+ features

Bypass not required because it's a C++ hack

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