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Public Discussion / Re: Did tupac fake his death?
« Last post by swammy on January 19, 2021, 07:03:03 am »
possibly. though why would he need to do that? maybe some underground type operation? aliens?!
News / Re: January 2021
« Last post by Aztex on January 10, 2021, 03:03:31 pm »
"new re-made hacks this month"
News / January 2021
« Last post by KittoniuM on January 09, 2021, 11:52:01 pm »
January 2021
January 31:
Garry's Mod VIP - 50% Cheaper (50 Credits/24hrs)

Will Aimbot return to Gmod Free any time soon?

No, it has been decided that a reliable ESP is more than enough
If you cannot afford VIP, making videos for YouTube is a very good method to earn credits for free.

What are the plans for BigPackets?

- New Engine for all our supported games
The New Engine is much faster, lower FPS drops, more stable and much easier to use.

You can try the New Engine through our  *bp v2* L4D2 Free BETA ESP

What happens to Old Engine?

Old hacks will be kept as legacy/memorial versions, price lowered.
Once they are broken by a game update.. they will be deleted.

What does the BigPackets Situation look like?

BigPackets has not been progressing since 2019.

This year should be the return, with the New Engine along with some new games.

January 29:
*bp v2* L4D2 Free BETA ESP - Updated
*bp v2* L4D2 VIP BETA - Added
Garry's Mod Free Lite - Removed
merged into the main Free version.
Garry's Mod Free - Upated

January 21:
A preview of the Next Generation BigPackets Engine//Framework/Hax...
Ideas? Thoughts? Leave a reply in this thread!

January 9:
Happy belated birthday to BigPackets, it is 5 years old now!
Maybe soon we can have perks of being a long time member (registration 2017  8))
Suggestions / Garry's mod Free Cheat suggestion
« Last post by Aholicknight on January 09, 2021, 04:59:33 pm »
Since the Garrys mod cheat is free I feel like it would be better if the only thing you need to do is to inject it and it will work, no authentication needed. I suggest this because A) it is free and B) the paid features are locked, there is no reason to use username/password on the free one.
Grand Theft Auto 5 / Re: GTA 5 cheat for five m
« Last post by Ndelud on January 04, 2021, 03:03:25 pm »
Cheap accounts for GTA 5 can be found in this https://xotkovo.net/ online store.
News / Re: December 2020
« Last post by cvar on December 15, 2020, 11:43:48 am »
I hope they will redo the software for l4d2, from the big problems I can remember the aimbot error when he shot through walls that cannot be shot. And I also hope that the coder will add lag exploit with convenient bindings. I can say with full confidence that this is a very necessary read with a good visual part (I love old school)
Garrys Mod / Video Staff Review on bigpackets!
« Last post by Maguars on December 13, 2020, 08:27:31 am »

Review on bigpackets!
Best cheat get good. get bigpackets.
go get packets.
bigpackets have best obs bypass.
News / Re: December 2020
« Last post by RadsammyT on December 11, 2020, 02:47:17 pm »
Now this is what I call poggers
News / December 2020
« Last post by KittoniuM on December 10, 2020, 05:16:20 pm »
December 2020
December 10:
We are planning the release of our new re-made hacks sometime this month! Stay tune..
Day of Defeat Source / Re: does anyone even play this game
« Last post by WeserRocker on December 09, 2020, 09:30:57 am »
:o jisnt this game dead i never played it

I playet every day, i liket
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