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Title: Discord...
Post by: 10jasper10 on July 28, 2020, 06:47:54 pm
I know one report is enough...
Add a bot that warns members that use hack or bp related words and deletes the messages.
Set the security to max.
Make some channels require 1k or more messages to see.
Purge messages older than 5 days. Discord cannot retrieve and review deleted messages.

If anyone acts retardo, just give them a retardo role and mute them, dump them in a channel of shame where others can tag them as punishment.

Also: use an alt to own the server, then give yourself admin. That way you won't get banned.

These things work for my CSGO hack Discord.

Just in case you could make a template from the server and put a link inside of the hack which you can auto update so people know where to get a new link if the server gets booted. Which it probably won't looking at my csgo discord.