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Title: [Gmod Premium] Fix Aim on NPC Accuracy for other servers
Post by: Wrappedupcat on March 29, 2021, 06:47:58 pm
 - !!This is all based on being on a different server!! -

   Would it be possible to add ping correction to the aimbot. I play on a Zombie survival game where you fight the NPCs first then eventually people start dyeing from the boss zombies and then you get real zombies. When you aim at a NPC when it's running from the side it won't really hit and you have to aim a bit in front. If possible a fix for that small(I think small) issue would be cool(This also has a hard time hitting run away water melons :O).

   Extra note. 0 Problems hitting players no matter how laggy or.... pingy.....

   I tried reducing ping smoothing to 0 and all that general crap, it's helpful but not really when everything is running at you with a strafe.