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Common Questions
« on: July 27, 2018, 11:59:38 pm »
Common Problems and their Fixes:
i forgot my password!!!
As of right now there is no way to recover it, other than asking an admin and giving proofs :)

i is got an suggestions
Post on the forum, there even is a board for site suggestions

the game is crashing or freezing!
Turn off Multi-Core Rendering in Video Options!! This will fix all the known crashes from using this hack. Other crashes are rare but do happen because of BP's size

aimbot misses?
The aimbot shouldn't miss, our hacks currently have no nospread hacks, so the hack will simply aim for you and the weapon decides the spread. you can't just fire in a straight line, use a sniper?

antivirus says this hack is a virus!!?
This is called a false positive, our hack (and every other hack in the world) is detected as GameTool.Injector or something along that because it has a injector, it injects the hack into the game like doctors would inject stuff into your veins

the injector errors? doesn't work without internet?
Our autoupdating injector requires the internet right now, so you can only use it when bigpackets is UP AND RUNNING!!!

im on a laptop and the insert key doesnt work?
Sometimes this happens, simply press YES when asked to use F10 and F11 as your new keys

how to stop aiming at traitor buddies?
Go to the Shitlist tab under aimbot and add them to the Friendlist

how to aim at traitors
Add them to the shitlist

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