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Author Topic: Is it possible to create a universal hack (works across MOST games)  (Read 193 times)

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In better terms, would it be possible to create a hack that can be loaded up onto practically any FPS-type game?

I would understand if certain aspects of specific cheats wouldn't be possible to function like this as they may be configured to work with a certain game rather than most games in general. But basically, my general question would revolve around ESP.

Would it be possible to make an ESP hack that can be installed and then used on a game that hasn't had a hack made for it? Like, let's say BigPackets doesn't have its own cheat for BO2 but you would like to be able to load an ESP onto the game but then also have the potential to use the same ESP on BF4. I don't know how these cheats are coded but I'm assuming the player finding aspect (the stuff that allows ESP to function) is generally the same across most FPS games so wouldn't that make it possible to create a universal cheat?

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yes its possible but its very hard and takes ages to make them and most of them get detected very quickly

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