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Author Topic: Bigpackets GMOD Review [HONEST]  (Read 1531 times)

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Bigpackets GMOD Review [HONEST]
« on: July 18, 2017, 11:55:23 PM »

Hello, this is an unbiased review of bigpackets. I will be reviewing this for people who are unsure about downloading this hack


The aimbot is very well made and you can come up with a pretty nutty config to make it seem so legit. The aimbot is very customizable and well made. However it  can sometimes be weird but that rarely happens and a little bit of the aimbot features are out of place but its no big deal. THIS CHEAT IS NOT MADE FOR HVH but it hold well and it has a couple AAs/antiaims and ill get to that later. 


VISUALS ARE AMAZING! You can put visuals on everything important like weapon pickups, and etc. They are fully customizable as well. There is a huge tab full of visuals/esp. Something I really like is the distance for the esp, it helps especially when your playing Darkrp or Gmod Dayz. Overall its amazing.


Misc is pretty good. The clock, spectator list, minigames in the cheat are awesome, one of the things that make this cheat unique from many others but the snake game could be a little faster. Anyways the games come in handy when your loading into a game or simply bored. I never really hvh but when i do the aa come handy, sure there not the best but its good.
 There are only a couple aa but again this cheat is for legit only. Sadly the bhop and other stuff is detected by CAC and the player list can be weird but for it to work you have to have the esp showing for the player you want to have in the list DAMN YOU CAC


eh menu kinda looks dirty but again its not really important. However you can satisfy your needs because the colors are fully customizable. Its kinda hard to customize but there are already presets that'll improve the default menu. But dont let the menu stop you from getting it because its just a menu. The menu did in fact improve alot last time i used the hack. the top tabs are really helpful and it makes the cheat look really feature packed (which it definately is)


Support is awesome. Kittonium does a really good job at responding to questions in the discord and forums. He can be a little mean but that's if you are retarded with him but he can take an offensive joke. He kinda has a bad rep at cheating sites but that's because people trash talk the cheat and accuse him for pasting and ratting the loader which isn't true. Id be pretty mad as well if people trash talked something I worked on for many hours and I had no problems with my PC or I've never seen anything fishy go with my PC. People in the discord are really chill, can help you out and they can be funny too


The cheat it self is fuckin' amazing for its price(FREE). Don't waste your money buying other cheats when you can have this for free. Aimbot, Support, and Visuals are superb and that's all the components you need. The menu is good but its not something where the cheat is unusable. Other cheats are overpriced and shit and some are useless. The cheat it self is one of a kind in a Gmod hack and I've never seen some of these features before. overall just get the fucking hack its free. ITS CAC UNDE-FUCKING-TECTED AND FREE THATS AN AUTOMATIC +++ for me

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Re: Bigpackets GMOD Review [HONEST]
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2017, 01:46:10 PM »
I understand now. Good cheat man too I have never seen a cheat so unique like this one.

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