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BigPackets Site and Product Rules - Updated 11 July 2018
    • NO Racism
    • NO Athiesm
    • NO Denial of Alien Life
    • Don't Bump old threads
    • Don't Spam
    • NO releasing members' private info
    • NO Posting of Warez of any kind
    • NO Posting of Gore
    • NO Posting of Illegal Content
    • Respect ALL Staff
    • Respect GameAnarchy, their hacks and staff
    • Do Not Advertise Other Cheat/Hack Providers
    • Do Not Use Proxies/VPNs to access forums
    • Account security is your responsibility, If you are hacked for whatever reason, You need to fix it, BigPackets is not obliged to give you any compenmsation due to your negligence
  • VIP
    • You can only use our VIP on a SINGLE Computer
    • Your Account will be Hardware Locked the first time using, it can be unlocked for a small fee
    • Extentions MAY be given for downtime
    • Features may be missing, broken or removed
    • We have NO set time for updates, it may take hours, days or weeks
    • VIP games may be removed at any time with or without warning
    • You are not buying a Hack, you are buying Subscription Access to our private forums!
    • No Refunds
    • No Swapping Subscriptions
    • No Freezing Subscriptions
    • Service may be discontinued at anytime for any reason