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Cheats, video game cheating, it's NOT the same thing as Hacks.

Anybody can use cheats, pretty much every single player game has cheat codes that you can enter to get benefits.

Cheating can also be achieved when you Glitch in games.

Cheating is also achieved when you "gain an advantage over other people", but that doesn't mean that Cheating is the same thing as Hacking.

Types of Cheats

  • Cheat Codes - you can find them for single player games, enter them, get whatever the game wants you to get, like all the weapons, god mode, etc..
  • Glitches - running into a wall and glitching inside of it, Combat Arms style.
  • Config Cheats - making something easier to see by changing the graphic settings
  • Macros - programming your mouses' extra buttons to do a simple but not perfect rapid fire, no recoil, etc.
  • Auto Hot Key - making a script that spams Space so you can bunnyhop
  • Material Wallhack - replacing the games materials to make models be visible through walls