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WTF? literally splitting everything in multiple files

D34Dspy is a game hacker who is in a relationship with Novocain.

Claims to be very good at graphics (having made his own .lib system graphics library 2d slash 3d environment for make benefit screen by drawing shapes and infiltrating your monitor through pixels), but has no advanced healthbar to show for it

D34DspyToday at 1:43 PM
im really advanced in graphics programming compared to you

is tru

D34DspyToday at 3:03 PM
design is not how it looks, it is how it functions

u heard the boss


Is not aware of DrUnKeN ChEeTaH

is ture. he is not aware of DC nor does he care (common sign of being a noob game hacker)

Keeps asking for a wiki reset

says wiki is too drama based (which it is meant to be) Not happening, a reset will not b worth for 3 contributions by u

is born in 2001

meaning he was 13 when he was making uc menu posts!! wtf? genius coder? or mby coder who took the wrong road and spent all time making graphics library instead of actual hags xD

bragz about c0ding at any time

not caring about anythin =



typical reply frum a nOOB.