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DrUnKeN ChEeTaH, also known as DC, DConGA, disc0inf3rn0, currently runs Game Anarchy.

He has been coding for a VERY long time

Known Work

  • StealthInject (2004/07/17) which is a really good injector that supported file, resource and from memory injection with a few stealth options like inject in random position, random head, random tail and ability to destroy headers.
  • StructBuild (before ReClass) was a tool to help reverse engineer classes and structs
  • MDKCheats (before GameAnarchy), DrUnKeN ChEeTaH made some sick BF2 hacks here
  • ReClass is a extremely popular tool used to dissect classes and structures in memory, VERY useful for game hacking
  • GameAnarchy (2008 to 2018) which was the best hack provider Combat Arms ever seen, eventually leading into DrUnKeN ChEeTaH being sued by Nexon.
  • Super Bullets was invented by DrUnKeN ChEeTah. Not many people know this, but it's true


I had a computer repair business too which I sold, and have been programming since the TRS-80 that took 20 min to fucking load from a cassette (do people today even know what that is?), before floppy disk...before Harddrives. I kinda know my shit when it comes to computers.

- DrUnKeN ChEeTaH on January 11, 2011, 04:32:06 AM (,17881.msg133770.html#msg133770)

Why am I closing it?
*Honestly after making hacks for 14+ years, I've lost all interest

- DrUnKeN ChEeTaH on August 12, 2017, 01:49:21 AM (,35865.msg235257.html#msg235257)


DC made a lot of designs that BigPackets likes to steal

W9W0YDj.png oPjvSyW.png Y6Ubchz.png AHJ7hXM.png fU8jDuK.png bvSZTRG.png Qzua39K.png WZSOuID.png VOyzli1.png UXcg1Vu.png vqmwLTG.png 0bsMb7s.png NPyvsV8.png TnnfEw8.png E8ACg3r.png ND3Vk30.png MWML3MK.png r7Cp5jz.png YUp8DWm.png Coa54AY.png Oqc17wY.png hPXHZm2.png RHqScZH.png ZxB3bJV.png a4n01K1.png 8qP7LQs.png 2HC8mqq.png kIa9EqL.jpg c7ko75a.png O7bo05U.png Q1eif0Q.png jh7eIlc.png FYlHfcF.png BqoG8ZM.png R4ws2EP.jpg 3a2qeth.jpg afPK8Rq.png heyM4ca.png 7jvq1BX.png lz4iZif.png 007Pbvf.png etLSazf.png C76s3iE.png CiCXqa5.png o98bl4r.png gKe5Azl.png Jn2AxQi.png 7kgsKON.png NiADPoo.png MhXOZuj.png

Call of duty 5 Hack by Strife

Here we see Skin.png being used in the COD5 hack.