Coder:Herp Derpinstine

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Herp Derpinstine is a half-robot, half-human, cyborg with a thirst for knowledge.

He built his first computer at the age of 5 and started learning to code C++ at the age of 6.

Used to be a high-ranking member of Anonymous during the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

After he quit Anonymous he worked on hacks and scripts for Garry's Mod with NanoCat, Function, Leystryku, Im Friendly, and KittoniuM.

He later was introduced by Im Friendly to Darku, the leader of AUDISQUAD.RU, and became a member of their clan.

Creator of a multi-game, multi-engine, hack known as HERPCON.

He is currently working on a complete rewrite of HERPCON, a website and community he co-founded known as NanoNuke, and a secret project which he calls S.E.A.L.O.I.C.