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stevemk14ebr, real name Stephen Eckels is a pretty well known game hacker famous for his contributions.


He is currently in the West Virginia University since 2015 (ends in 2019) and works as an intern at a cyber secutiy company. During a midnight astral projection session, a few GMod Chamber Of Intelligence members tried to project into the FireInc offices but somehow were redirected into an interracial furry gang bang, and upon returning to the real world, the members seen a mysterious folded piece of paper lying next to the projection station, opening it to read the haunting words: lol fgt lol u suk bals olololololololooll

Computer science student at WVU, freelancer, and intern. 

I do security work and build things for fun.

from his github profile (

I am currently a Junior at West Virginia University exploring computer science. My hobbies are all things electronic but i specialize in software engineering. I'm a self taught programmer from the age of 10 and have expert knowledge of C, C++, Java and x86/x64 Assembly. I am comfortable with C# and am just beginning to dig into python and Web technologies. As a hobby i reverse engineer computer applications and have been doing so since the age of 16.

I have numerous popular repo's on my github profile, my most popular being my hooking library "PolyHook". I also wrote an article on the design choices and inner workings of my hooking library on, my article went on to take second place for article of the month.

I also actively submit bug reports and discuss fixes to open source projects. This can be viewed through my GitHub profile linked below.

Message me for a resume!

from his linkedin profile (



Evidence on Reclass.NET Repo

Stevemk14ebr Is known to have lightly bullied KittoniuM because of KittoniuM's disability that prevents him from using Github (to avoid catching a specific mental retardion linked to Github)

WTF. didnt think he would b so mad after i explained y i is forbidden to use git. 

watevr, i only pasted ONCE from his polyhook library, never again... :) WTF? mby i should paste it again, i basically took the thing, stripped it out of all the c++ homoexperimentation adn used it like a real boss do, i have swag and u kno, im just like that, no1 stops me from using polyhook, infact, polyhook s pretty good, it is like a normal hook but completely different. 

infact if i could be like steve i would be making all kinds of polies, very advanced. 

but he banned me now so i kant do the advanced postings of quality on his shit. watevr i will write about this on the wiki

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