Feature:Stacked ESP

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KittoniuM's Stacked ESP in 2016, based on m0d_s0beits

Stacked ESP is a extremely useful ESP feature that helps prevent ESP overlapping with other ESP by Stacking it.


Before 2009, DrUnKeN ChEeTaH used Stacked ESP on MDKCheats.

In 2009 or 2010, DrUnKeN ChEeTah used the stacking system on GameAnarchy's Combat Arms VIP hack.

In 2011, s0beit's m0d_s0beit had this feature made by Nuckfuts, called the "air break esp"

In 2016, KittoniuM attempted to clone this feauture with nice results.

During Mid 2016, KittoniuM lost his stacking code.

During Late 2017, Kittonium recreated yet another Stacked ESP.