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Telekill is short for teleport-kill. It is a type of OPK Hack.

This is a feature commonly used in Combat Arms and in general, the Lithtech Engine.


To achieve telekill, here are the requirements:

  • Set Player Position Function
  • Set Player Position must be client side, but the gun firing data must be serverside

These requirements are met by the Lithtech Engine.


DrUnKeN ChEeTaH Styled TeleKill

DC made a unique style of telekill, in which you were teleported infront of the enemy, taking their angles into account.

KittoniuM has remade this feature for the Source Engine, it is Clientside but still fun. Put the following code in OverrideView

if (sevisualtelekill.m_Bool)
		CEntity* AimbotTarget = g_Game->Target();
		if (AimbotTarget && g_Game->m_Aiming)
			CFloat3 Trail = AimbotTarget->m_Angles.Forward();
			Trail.m_Z = -Trail.m_Z;

			CFloat3 NewOrg = AimbotTarget->m_WorldBones[g_Game->m_AimbotBone] + Trail * 100;
			((SourceEngine::CViewSetup*)Setup)->origin = NewOrg;

			CFloat3 NewAnglesForAim = (AimbotTarget->m_WorldBones[g_Game->m_AimbotBone] - NewOrg).ToAngle();

			if (aimbot_clamp.m_Bool)

			((SourceEngine::CViewSetup*)Setup)->angles = NewAnglesForAim;
			goto endofbrazil;