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ImGui is a GUI framework used by skids and copy pasters, mostly because of how easy it is to implant and start using.

If your hack looks like it's using ImGui, stop using it and get a refund.

The only "coders" that are using ImGui in their hacks are copypasting skids who can't code (or as they claim: "dont have time to code a gui" aka "im too shit to code a gui")

Wise Words From The Creator

It's funny, even the owner and creator of ImGui hates these skids and copy pasters:

Those subscribed to this project have probably noticed the influx of support requests from users who are using dear imgui to create cheating overlays for multi-player games like CS GO, etc. (I need to clarify that their activities are more than often unethical and making a lots of people unhappy).

While I initially wanted to avoid judging people based on what they do with imgui, it became problematic as their requests are more than often extremely vague, badly formulated, sometimes rude, and often coming mostly from their misunderstanding of C++. Many of them are starting their work/hobby based on guides that instruct them to copy and paste lines of code they don't understand, and make little effort to learn programming. To make things more difficult, I suspect that with their scheme of injecting DLL into running processes, many of them don't know how to use a debugger at all.

Dealing with them is a little time consuming but mostly it is a little depressing. I often tried to genuinely help them based on the reasoning that they are the reflection of problems a new programmer would have with imgui, but effectively it looks like they aren't in for the programming. Along with being often lazy or rude, they also tend to delete their messages (so as not to leave traces/help because their field is competitive) or leave without barely a thank you. Over time my answers have been increasingly hostile toward them.

To make this easy on me, I will from now on immediately block them and close their issues as soon as I suspect they come from a script-kiddie-cheating-in-multiplayer-games background (they are remarkably easy to spot). I have already blocked a good dozen over the past few months, but from now on the blocking with come without a glimpse of help. Note that many other forms of creative or elaborate cheats/hacking/reverse engineering tools are perfectly fine.


How skids can disguise their hacks

Copypaste coders can disguise their hacks under custom styles and themes, such as this ImGui similar framework:

KittoniuM has a grudge on anything that uses C++ features or doesn't abide by DrUnKeN ChEeTaH's gui standards.