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kitterengine is the 2nd and latest version of the BigPackets Framework.

It is coded by KittoniuM and Snipwnage


  • kitterengine/beep.wav
  • kitterengine/button.wav
  • kitterengine/check.wav
  • kitterengine/hover.wav
  • kitterengine/inrange.wav
  • kitterengine/INTEL_GET.wav - never used?
  • kitterengine/INTEL_GETALL.wav - something you don't want to hear, purpose = unknown
  • kitterengine/load_X.wav
  • kitterengine/open.wav
  • kitterengine/press.wav
  • kitterengine/beep.wav
  • kitterengine/SND_X.wav
  • kitterengine/spectator.wav - when you get spectated in Garry's Mod
  • Settings.ini - stores all the settings, made after you press the Save Button.
  • Login.ini - stores username, password to the streamer
  • A.log and A_All.log - some kind of log files


Kitterengine is included with all the current BigPackets hacks and loaders.


Simple "loader" that only loaded the Garry's Mod Public Hack.


First version of the loader, able to spend credits and activate VIP Hacks


Second and latest version of the loader, Bugs from 2414 fixed and a new login window has been made.


64bit version of the 32bit loader, supports all the BigPackets 64bit games like Battlefield 1 and Grand Theft Auto 5

Working with Framework

Version Numbers

Version numbers on BigPackets products are the last SVN revision.

Create a bat file with the following contents and run it as a pre-build event:

SubWCRev.exe "../" "Template.hpp" "Svn.hpp" 

Create Template.hpp with the following contents:

#define SvnRevision $WCREV$+827
#define SvnRevisionDate L"$WCDATE$"


It was coded in C++, mostly in C using Visual Studio 2017.

Recommended Plugins

Recommended plugins for the Visual Studio Environments include:

  • VSColorOutput
  • VisualSVN
  • Indent Guide Lines

Other useful plugins but no longer used by the coders:

  • VisualAssistX
  • Resharper++


The source code of kitterengine is hosted on a SVN server.

It has been moved one time (at version 827), resulting in the framework being called "kitter2" or "kitterengine2"