Phoenixx157's Build Sever

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Phoenixx157's Build Sever, aka Phoenix's Build Server or PHXBS was a server group (at first Sandbox but also tried to run a DarkRP server).



It was one of the most famous build servers on Garry's Mod.

Master Kitty played on this server for a few years.

In 2014, After ACF was added to the server, bryantdl7 taught Master Kitty how to make some sick contraptions, which resulted in hell on earth for the players of PHX Build.

A few months later, protection that limited Master Kitty's contraptions was added, and the server quickly resumed back to peace, which also caused Master Kitty to never return again.

Evidence captured by Master Kitty of the evil admin abusing

At some point, Master Kitty was harrassed by evil admin Ms. Necahara, mostly her griefing his forests, so he ended up shutting down her interne, causing her to leave and never come back.

In 2017, probably October 17, it sadly had to close, mostly because Phoenix didn't get any income out of them, and after years of runinng the Sandbox, and a low amount of donations, he decided to close it. This is also why BigPackets DarkRP closed.