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You're on it. A Hack Provider that has been made from months of researching GameAnarchy and hundreds of Hacks.

Provides both Public Hacks and VIP Hacks


Mini Staff


In 2016, KittoniuM and LordNub were thinking of making a private VIP Hack provider. At first, Jumbo Packets was said as a joke but Big Packets seemed good, and the domain was available.

On July of 2016, BigPackets server went down and the any code of first framework was fully lost, however, a few DLL's remain.

BigPackets was then recoded sometime in August, mainly in DrUnKeN ChEeTaHs designs much to LordNubs disapproval.

After a few arguments between KittoniuM and LordNub, KittoniuM removed LordNub.

BigPackets Framework

The BP Framework, aka kitter2 engine is one of it's kind, similar to ArtificialAiming's framework.

The ESP, Aimbot, GUI are all frameworked, so people can make some configs while using the Garry's Mod hack and then use the same configs in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or pretty much anything else that BigPackets supports.


As you may know, BigPackets earns little money, infact, we don't pay for hosting, but a friendly (who doesn't want to be mentioned) hosts it for us, very kind!