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Please be Patient when dealing with CitizenHack Users
CitizenHack Members are affected by the retardation

CitizenHack is a Garry's Mod VIP Hack provider, located at

CitizenHack is just a simple Lua hack and their members are affected by buyers remorse.

In short, You are just wasting your money and time by buying and supporting CitizenHack.

Why Stay Away From It

  • Apperantly even being this simple, it still Impacts FPS to a large extent, causing Garry's Mod to become very laggy. Very bad news if you already had issues running the game.
  • Has a small selection of features, those features being of low quality.
  • Will be easily detected by anti-cheats due to the cheat being based on the Lua language, instead of being written in C++.
  • Rarely receives updates, expect one or two small updates every 3-5 months.
  • Uses a web-based (HTML, CSS, JS) menu, implying that their menu is entirely reliant on their servers, making it prone to reliability issues and another point given below.
  • Their staff can allow themselves to have access to their members computers whenever a member has the cheat loaded into Garry's Mod, whether it's for malicious intent or not is questionable.
  • Their developers appear to be interested in only money, given the very low support for the cheat, and their users.
  • Their mature members are increasingly getting affected by buyers remorse.
  • Their members are influenced by propaganda and damage control made by the staff/developers, given that the majority of cheaters are below the age of 15, they are very prone to giving into bullshit and sticking to it.
  • CitizenHack ESP is totally garbo and not customizable
  • No Legit options for aimbot, as you can see their simplicity approach made it extremely hard for a normal person to tailor the hack to their liking.

CitizenHack Rumours

BigPackets is Detected

Infact, MeepDarknessMeep detected CitizenHack (even when it's just running) with ONE line of Lua Code. CitizenHack will always have the ability to be detected, mostly because of it being Lua.

BigPackets has never been fully detected like this, but instead had SOME features detected, like Bunny Hop and Auto Strafer

As of July 18 2018, it is even harder to detect BigPackets because of the perfect internal anti-screengrab update.

BigPackets is a Rat

This rumour is based of idiotcan's video (, where he opens the BpJuly5.exe loader and pressed the Complain button, which actually warns you not to press it, which then restarts his machine.

BigPackets is not a rat or any type of malware (

BigPackets has no Anti-Screengrab

BigPackets had a early version of anti-screengrab during late 2017.

In Sep 22, 2017, BigPackets's anti-screengrab beta was released to the public.

In July 18, 2018, BigPackets now has perfect anti-screengrab and anti-obs (stream and record without hack showing), CitizenHack does not.

BigPackets has no Entity Finder

It does, It's built in along with a option to show ALL the Entities (with useless ones filtered out) in the map incase the built in list doesn't show whatever you want