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Game Anarchy is a site owned and founded by DrUnKeN ChEeTaH. It was the most famous and most feared hack in Combat Arms to the point where Nexon it self sued DrUnKeN ChEeTaH because they couldn't stop him.

It is currently online on but right now it is far from the old Game Anarchy, credit system removed, new unfinished theme, a lot of things missing.



Super Moderators


Game Anarchy was made after DrUnKeN ChEeTaH left MDKCheats, as he said MDKCheats was not paying him enough for his work.

In 2013, Nexon America sued DrUnKeN ChEeTaH under a false "copyright" claim, which forced DC to shut down all CA hags.

In 2016 June, GameAnarchy had their website database dumped by a retarded skid, Luckily a few non-important tables were posted publically and KittoniuM reused/learned from some of the DrUnKeN ChEeTaH PHP code.

Game Anarchy will probably never make hacks again.

Why am I closing it?

*Honestly after making hacks for 14+ years, I've lost all interest

*Any success on this site could lead to another lawsuit - Until DMCA laws are changed, it is not worth it.

*I would have to rewrite almost everything, all new games are 64-bit

- DrUnKeN ChEeTaH on August 12, 2017,,35865.msg235257.html#msg235257

Official End

On August 28, 2018, GameAnarchy's servers were changed or something, and later it went up, with nothing but the following content:

Site Closed

"Well its been real and its been fun, but it hasn't been real fun."

                                                                -DrUnKeN ChEeTaH

Later, DC added a script for people to communicate


Game Anarchy was sued by Nexon for about $1.4 million USD because Nexon simply couldn't handle the amazing power of Drunken Cheetah.

Obviously this was a huge thing and legits like MVP EdwardJ started trying to understand on the Combat Arms community wikia, but couldn't so they instead started spreading misinformation.


On 2011, FPSanarchy created the name FPSanarchy after taking inspiration from GameAnarchy.

On 2016, BigPackets was created which is somewhat of a community remake of GameAnarchy using DrUnKeN ChEeTaHs & GameAnarchy designs, including an identical GUI and ESP replica.


VIP System

During Game Anarchy's early days, the VIP system worked by using SMF subscriptions.

Users would buy monthly subscriptions from the subscriptions page (about $25 USD monthly for the Combat Arms VIP Hack) and download the loader from the same page.

Later, Game Anarchy switched to a PaymentWall based credit system.

Game Anarchy had a credit system in which users could buy credits ($5 USD for 500 credits) using PaymentWall

With credits, users could activate daily subscriptions (about 100 credits for the Combat Arms VIP Hack) that would last 24 hours.

Background Music

Game Anarchy had two songs made by Bewiz:

Wiki for Support

UnDeFiNeD owned sort of a support wiki on which contained guides and troubleshooting for the GameAnarchy Streamer, and also a few pages on hacks features (see: