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RageKings Combat Arms menu
RageKings Combat Arms ESP

RageKings or Rage Kings was a popular Combat Arms VIP Hack provider. It was located on

It was known for it's interesting Sprite Based Hack Menu, the ESP/Aimbot were decent.

Chatspam message

Visit for the best hacks!!!



At some point, DrUnKeN ChEeTaH and Spartan made a Public Hack for Combat Arms which was aimbot.exe.

The hack was a .exe that you ran, and once you did, it displayed a image at the center bottom of your screen.

The hack later inspired BigPackets's BpJuly5.exe loader.


Battlefield Radar

They drew a circle image overlay over the original game overlay and then drew triangles (red = enemy, blue = friendly) (filled triangles) to indicate the bicks...

The Design

WTF is it? IDK. After some reasearch, it was made by MysticDigital ( but was stolen by a chinese website ( which is still up today, with the Flash Animated header with the illuminati eye