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UnKnOwNChEaTs, or UC (, is a place where bad coders go to moderate other bad coders.

Mostly copy and paste coders asking for help fixing their paste.


As most of the new UnknownCheats users are underaged gamers looking for Public Hacks, They had many Discords (apperantly there is a new one up), one was shut down by KittoniuM after witnessing a bunch of braindead retards defend the usage of ImGui.

As expected from a discord polluted with skids, underaged haxorzz and ImGui defending losers, pedophilia was common in the UnknownCheats discord.

Official Retard List

Here are some of the biggest skids that we know of that spend their days stalking and shitposting on UnknownCheats:


Account soley for researching (No Posting) was BANNED

UnknownCheats has a very well known history of "accepting" mentally-retarded users as staff and giving them admin powers.

Anyone knowledgeable is banned from uc

If they are not then they are in close with it's trashy administration

I've had a mod take priv code I sent to him release it all as a cheat and slap a PayPal link on it. When I sent chatlogs he deleted the post and infracted me. Talked to learn more he said he didn't care.

Over the years, a few people including MrEpicGoat and sl0w have been banned by these retard staff members

KittoniuM has been banned (presumably for no reason) by kila58 (when he was still staff) in 2015.

All attempts at getting KittoniuM Unbanned failed horribly, at least 3 BigPackets members getting their accounts banned for asking UnknownCheats admins to unban KittoniuM.

It does not help that most of the new UC staff are pastey ImGui users.