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TrafficHack was the very first hack engineered to augment the players experience, it was the very first bio-engineered software to include artificial intelligence in a Garry's Modification hack through a neural network. In 2013 a man who we shall refer to as Korki, discovered an illegal ring lead by one person called "LuaHax". This person was a sick human being, he bragged and bragged about having the best Garry's Modification LUA hacks in the world. So, one day Korki wanted to teach LuaHax a lesson. He armed himself with a Mossberg shotgun and raided LuaHax's house after doxing him through skype with Wireshark, calling his ISP and disguising himself as a police officer during the phone call to LuaHax's ISP. After raiding his house Korki's vision started to turn blank, everything was covered in CUM. Korkipoo was LuaHax after all, Korkipoo has the best hack on the Gmod planet and you can't do SHIT. FAGGOT.

That's why Korkipoo is the greatest and you suck DICK. What you refer to as speedhacking is actually Time Manipulation. You fuckers are missusing Korkipoo technology, the Time Manipulator Tool was never meant to be used by pseudoprofressionals such as you... Korkipoo also invented the Earthshaker Tool but nobody could even understand the complexity behind this tool because you all have a tiny brain, it's as if there's a little ape in your head pulling the levers back and forwards. That's how retarded you people are.Korkipoo is so smart, Korkipoo can telepathically rape Bill Gates through Alpha brain waves. Cunt.


As you can see, there's a bear and chinese scooter man AI on the C++ version of Traffichack, they guide you as you play Garry's Modificatino. The bear will claw enemy players as soon as they're in your field of view. This is a sign of anger from the bear AI, it wants you to murder the other player. The chinese scooter is the backbone AI, it will give you advice on what you should do when dealing with brainlets. This is the last image I got of TrafficHack right before Police caught me, I got sent to jail for 2 years for committing cybercrimes and hacking Garry Newmans mainframe with a PS Triple.